Monday, February 25, 2008

Of manias and disorders

Different people have different manias in life. For example, some people keep talking over phone all through the nights (with people other than their gfs and bfs as well: night - phone - o - mania), some keep going for second and third and fourth rounds of desserts (sweet - o - mania), some keep sleeping through days and nights continuously (sleep - o - mania), some keep orkutting with arbit people and known people also at times (scrap - o - mania), some keep cribbing about shortlists and interviews and the fact that they are single (group all that together as crib - o - mania) and so on.

I have a very strange mania, called tagline - o - mania. Yes, my frequency of changing taglines on GTalk and BRacket is one per hour, if you are lucky. Sometimes, I even change them every five minutes, because I seem to be having so much to tell the world. I would put "I am loving everything" this very minute, then get cranked up over something, scream at someone and come back and put "I hate the world!" in just five minutes time. I think it could even be a Compulsive Tagline Disorder (CTD), something far more strange and scary than a mania. But, I do like it after all you know. All that footage I get from those hazaar taglines I keep changing on GTalk. Right now, I am battling with myself and the world on which of these taglines to put on GTalk for the next ten minutes. Should it be "Aakhri Baar.." (Last Exam), "Completely Taxing Management" (That's my last end term Comprehensive Tax Management), "I flit, I float, I fleety flee I fly" (I don't know why because I am not exactly feeling that way), "Last exam of my academic life.. phew.." (Well, that's self-explanatory after all this rigmarole), "Of eminent friends and responsible superiors" (Which is not self explanatory and which I am least inclined to explain) and so on (Well that was just out of habit. It's only that much!). Anyway, going back to why I was writing this, it is just that I am not able to express soooooo much on a single tagline and so I thought "Why not blog this crap and then put the blog address as a tagline!" Not a very innovative thought that! But still a thought. Ok, I know I am arbitting too much today not least because its one of those "last" days again tomorrow. Yeah I guess you know by now.

Well, lets not digress. I have not yet figured out whether this is a mania or a disorder. But, I know of one other thing which is definitely a disorder.

I have this other, you could probably call mania, or in simple terms habit, of chatting really lots! If you have been following all my posts carefully, you would know that I am in fact addicted to GTalk and BR. So, I have this habit of chatting on multiple windows at once. And, when I am talking really interesting and/or personal stuff, I tend to rightly (or wrongly most of the times) type it on someone else's window. For instance, the other day, I was chatting with this friend of mine and telling him that my research work is getting published as a case in a book by my Prof (yeah I know I am bragging and I love all this footage! In fact I even put the mail from my Prof indicating the same as a tagline!). So, he asked me for a treat and I said "Yes, sure, why not, meet you at CCD tomorrow evening". And, promptly typed all this and sent it on this other group chat window, immediately leading to some 7 people pouncing on me saying "Yes we will be there". And, did I stop there? I actually typed what was meant for this group chat which went something like "Yeah 10k is too much. I can't afford it for the trip" and sent it to this friend of mine! Phew! One of those embarrassing moments, you would think! But, I have done more of them. Just today, I was asking after someone's health and telling him that he should call me if he needs anything at all and sent it on a GTalk chat window. These are just few of those instances I remember. I seem to be doing at least one every week and more on an average per week.

And, I tend to repeat mistakes with the same people at times, which is even more embarrassing. It is almost as if I am deliberately trying to get attention, which I am not, of course. I would be doing it only if I am not chatting with that person. Why would I do it with someone with whom my chat is going full strong and then get embarrassed and stop even!

Not that I get too embarrassed as well, you know! Most of my friends tell me that I do not know how to get embarrassed. More on that some other time (I know you are least interested in knowing about it, but I would still type it out in my own verbose way and pain everyone to read it as usual!)


Vinay said...

ha ha.. wat can be more embrassin than typin out to someone sayin u r sober n then braggin abt how much u got drunk thinkin it was another window..
Taglines serve other purposes too.. They draw attention.. Like the day I had the tagline "badly want to kick someone" the no of enquiries i got for tht was awesome.. I guess i am also part of the tagline-o-mania changing taglines every few mins but one best way of changin taglines without strainin urself too music is to click on the show current music track.. That rocks

ivak said...

i know.. actually it helps even more wen u change ur name on orkut.. it makes people scrap.. and if u r one of those "scrap number - o - mania" types it boosts ur ego seeing ur scrap count increase by sooooooooooo much in less than an hr's time!

Ramya said...


am one fellow mate u can have in ur tagline-o-maina club.. thnx for findin out wht the disorder cud be called.. :P there are lots of hopeless ppl like us :)

and abt ur crib-o-mania, kindly, kindly dont mix groups.. they are two diff genre :P

and tht embarrasin part.. kalakk po..(ping me later i'll tell u wht all i hav done :( )

keep posting da.. fun reading ur posts