Tuesday, February 12, 2008

102F 120/100

I will really really try not to make this sound like Quite senti this one although you have no option but to put up with it even if it does :P

I have been "terribly ill" for some days now. One of those terrible times when I oh-so-much miss Mommy. Being the spoilt single kid I have always been (yes yes I am still a kid - don't even think otherwise, will you!), Mamma has been around always, be it fever small or big, food poisoning, or a fall on a perfectly flat floor with all the right friction. Oh yeah, that's another story in itself. My Dad used to say that I never learnt how to walk right. Just imagine walking on a perfectly flat floor with proper friction, as I said before, and generally tripping on your own feet and falling down, hurting your knees, ankles, hands and even face at times.

This term has been all this and more, the latest being 102F, 120/100 (Temperature and Blood Pressure in that order). Mom was yesterday very senti and said, "If I had been there, I would have done this.. that.. and a lot more". Then, I told her, "Amma don't worry. Really, people are doing this.. that.. and a lot more for your kid".

For instance, there is my brother, the official Hospital partner, who keeps shoving food into my mouth all the time. Actually, I do willingly eat because the alternative would be to listen to whole loads of related and unrelated gyaan with probablys and possiblys thrown around freely here and there. Sometimes, I imagine what's gonna happen when this guy gets kids. Imagine a place full of small gyaaners replicating him! Lord save the world!

Then, there is the happy family which lovingly cuts apples for me, forever chides me saying, "Beta, how can you not finish a course of tablets", gets fruit cakes 'cos am tired of having mess food that further sickens my already sickened mouth and tongue and life, forces food into my mouth, even mess level food, makes me laugh and laugh and laugh leaving me happy and contented like never before.

Then of course, there is the fairy who thinks she is the Dada of IIMB. Oh yeah, you should listen to the kind of stuff she talks. "What eh! What! What will you do now? You better don't do anything that I do not approve of ok!" I love it when she thinks am really really getting intimidated with whatever she says with that cute smile on her face :) I still remember that night when I was shivering like crazy and kept calling her to cover me with blanket after blanket, quilt after quilt. She kept rubbing my feet and hands and making them warm, and almost moving me to tears.

How can I miss out the k'night' who calls me regularly before every meal to find out what I want and keeps getting it for me, and keeps scolding me all the time for not taking proper care of myself, forces me into wearing sweaters and jackets. I hate to admit it, but I do get kinda scared of her at times!

And yes, the Black Tea woman who keeps saying, "If you need anything call me ok" with a cute sweet smile. And 'cos of whom I have taken a sudden liking for black tea.

And Manage who says the whole illness could possibly be because of loads of ice I kept on my face around two weeks ago (remember that habit of mine to trip on my own feet and fall - one of those days when I hurt my face major time). I know that life is a cycle but I did not know that it is chain enough for one illness to lead directly to another. Interesting thought that!

And, almost all the people in this small world of mine who keep calling me to assure me that I am over exerting myself (God knows who put such ideas in their minds!) and I should really sit back and take some rest for a change(which I am anyway doing, more so ever now thanks to all these antibiotics).

Actually, you know what, I do not know how to end this post. Like, should I sing an ode or something as tribute? Would sound very filmy right? So let me stop here. Very abrupt, I know. It doesn't really matter. And, I am NOT going to say thanks now and get kicked when I am in a 'bimaar' state already. Love you guys! All of you! Each of you in a special, different way :)

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SMS said...

Yeah, there are lots of people to take care of this sweet cute kid! :)