Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today, I was wondering why I had not blogged in a long time now, considering how jobless I have been the past few weeks. Well, that's really not true. Given that I have been jobless for so long, I have been going about with a hung out tongue in search of some subject to blog about. And, when I get one, I don't jot it down because I inevitably am not using my laptop at that moment. And, funnily enough, I forget the stuff later on which stands testimony to how boring and uninteresting a thought I must have been having.

And, it's not with blogs that I am having this trouble. These days, I find it tough even to put some creative tagline on GTalk. Now, this is some serious problem, 'cos if you refer to my previous post
Of manias and disorders you would definitely have realized what a "Tagline-maniac" I am.

And, thus, the problem set me thinking. I read through each of my posts and realized that I do not write too much about the world in general. There have seldom been posts on issues of public interest. They are rather posts on my own personal world. Looks as if I am pretty much obsessed with myself and what affects me at a personal level. Is such an obsession healthy? Or is it that I like writing about things that I actively participate in or am a subject/victim of rather than those that I view through the lens of the road sider?

P.S. - I am on this "Hindi-learning" spree and the latest word in my dictionary is "Tashan". Since this post has somehow touched upon my style of blogging, I thought I would name it "Style". Well, I know it does not really have that fitting a contextual meaning, but, nevertheless, I am a very arbit female :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008


A thing of beauty it was
Happiness was in the air
Every day was new and fresh
Everything around a feast to the eyes
Thoughts never before dreamt of
Became the essence of life and the universe
Joy multiplied by leaps and bounds
With each subsequent act
Of nature and man, in sync with one another
Life is beautiful, said I
Over and over again
And felt and lived it too
An unrepeatable phase of life it is
But, nevertheless,
A thing of beauty is a joy forever!