Sunday, April 06, 2008


A thing of beauty it was
Happiness was in the air
Every day was new and fresh
Everything around a feast to the eyes
Thoughts never before dreamt of
Became the essence of life and the universe
Joy multiplied by leaps and bounds
With each subsequent act
Of nature and man, in sync with one another
Life is beautiful, said I
Over and over again
And felt and lived it too
An unrepeatable phase of life it is
But, nevertheless,
A thing of beauty is a joy forever!


Anonymous said...

Poet Kavity !!!!

Simply lovely poem :)

Yogesh said...

Joy forever, yes :)

Simply awesome..

Shreya said...

Really nice takes great discipline to write poetry me feels..that brevity dsnt come to everyone :)

praval singh said...

Just happened to drop here. Nice blog I must say!