Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Sprinting In A Hurry: The New Parents' Guide To Growth Spurts

It was 2 am. The ragging session had been going on for over 5 hours now. I couldn't understand what exactly was wrong. My 10 day old Very Little Person (VLP) was just not able to sleep, and worse still, she was obsessed with marching on. Left, right, left, right went the nipples into her tiny mouth. How could such a little baby feed for so long, we wondered. Perhaps, I had run out of milk, we worried. Perhaps, she wasn't able to suck because of a tongue-tie, we feared. Meanwhile, my breasts got sore and painful, and I was teary eyed while my husband was looking up every online forum possible to identify a possible explanation to this strange and pretty 'unpretty' phenomenon.

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