Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"Time to leave the dream place I slept through, " says a friend. Once I log into GTalk, there are similar sounding status messages like "The last mile", "One more week to go", "Last three days of classes", "Done with IIM" etc. each one expressing a myriad of emotions on this last one week. To some, it looks like that most awaited release from jail. To most others, it feels like the end of the world.
Not many months ago, I too was counting down weeks with glee, reflecting sentiments similar to the former group, immensely happy at the thought of leaving. Now, there is little less of the glee, little more of the sorrow at having to leave.
Sorrow at having to leave
• Late night meetings
• CC war rooms
• The squad at the PGP office headed by Gundu Rao
• Talks at the Audi
• PPTs attended in business suits, business formals, PPT formals & informals
• Sleeping in class
• Working stealthily on the laptop (read chatting on GTalk) while some really serious stuff like economics, tax, finance and sales keep happening on the dais
• Surprise quizzes, not-so-surprise quizzes, announced quizzes all considered alike after sometime
• RGgiri
• Learning diaries
• Mentoring and mentees
• Unmaad and Vista
• L^2s and Dandiya nights
• Sports meets - the numerous Spardhas and Sangrams and Sangarshs and what nots
• Official GBMs and not-so-official GMs(Gossip Meetings)
• BRacket and Arbit
• Pathetically slow internet speeds
• DC++ our savior
• Resume submissions and shortlists
• 11:59:59
• Tea at NC at 12 midnight
• Campus walks at 1 in the morning, on the road to Whispering Teaks especially
• Music at full blast at 2 in the morning
• Laughing away to glory on not so deserted corridors at 3 in the morning
• Hot plates of Maggi at Athicas at 4 in the morning
• Chikamallaiah and his everyday quota of spams
• RTK with his own share
• Innumerable birthday treats, PPO treats, LPO treats and any other plausible treat on Earth
• 'Jab we met' level movies watched with a gleeful group of friends, armed with Lays and Pepsi
• Breakfast at the mess
• Dinners at Krishna Kafe
• CCS and its extension
• Papers, Competitions and Debates
• UnBold Inc.
• CP, ACP, DCP and more variants
• Special lunches for Pongal and Onam, candle light dinners on V Day
• Chocolate dedications on Christmas Eve
• Study groups formed towards the end of our times here

I know, I know I have got obsessed with bullet points. This is my third bullet point post. Happens with experience.. sigh! Could not find a better way to mention each and every one of these things that I am going to miss so much. Others please feel free to add to the list. I might have after all missed some really important stuff.


Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

CCS and it's extension? :) Really? :)

Sanchit said...

:) nothing its like the alma-mater..