Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K for Kavity

That's some narcissism, you must be thinking. Well, when I thought of K, the first thing that came to mind was my own nick-name, so why not spend some well deserved space on it.

Kavity is not a childhood nickname of mine. In fact, my childhood nickname is quite silly, like how most nicknames go, and is actually sillier than Kavity. Booju is what my mom, and my then neighbors used to call me. My cousin used to call me Moti (because I have always been quite mota). Kavity is a name I got well after my adolescence, thanks to a bosom friend I met during B-School days.

Many of my friends have forever been calling me Kavity, and my mother finds it hard to reconcile to this name even today, after many years. 

While many people have grappled between Cavity and Kavity in addressing me, not really understanding why anyone will hold a nickname that isn't very palatable, my friend's 4 year old went a step ahead. The first time I met him, along with a group of boisterous old-time friends from B-school, everyone kept addressing me by my nickname. This little fellow went up to his dad and whispered silently, but loud enough for everyone to hear - "Do you guys call her cavity because she has bad teeth with lot of cavities?"

Well! Kids these days! And, for the record, no, I do not have bad teeth with lot of cavities!

P. S. This post is the eleventh in the A-Z blogging challenge series for April. 


Prax said...

Nice one Kavita...
Always wondered why such a terrible nickname to a pretty girl like you. It doesn't even shorten your name.. Might as well call you Kavita .. No?

Kavity said...

Haha I never thought of it that way when the nickname was bestowed upon me, and now it is too late to go back! By the way, I forgot to tag you when I posted this on FB. This post is of course dedicated to Vihan!