Monday, April 11, 2016

I for Innocence

She (A) is a lanky kid of 7, tall for her age. Big eyes, and a bigger mouth. She speaks a lot, rather she has a lot of questions. She can go on quizzing anyone of any age, gender and language on the color of their handbags, the vehicle they use, the places they like in Bombay, the food they most prefer and whether their momma allows them to have ice-cream, amongst other things.

Here goes a sample.

She: Didi, so have you finished college?
Me: Yes, I have, A.
She: What did you study? Maths or Science?
Me: (strutting like a peacock, figuratively at least) I have studied engineering and MBA.
She: Oh! You have done both…
(now I am getting uncomfortable)
Umm.. why did you study both Didi?
Me: I studied Engineering because my mom wanted me to. Then I did MBA because I wanted to.
She: Ok. What is the full form of MBA?
Me: Master of Business Administration
She: (mulls over it a bit) Ok. Ok. So you do business now?
Me: No. I work for blah-blah-blah company in blah-blah-blah role.
She: (looks super confused) But if you have studied business, you should do business na Didi?
Me: Erm.. well.. 

I try to keep conversations to books these days with A. It is safe territory, and I can at least Google the answers to questions I don’t know.

P. S. This post is the ninth in the A-Z blogging challenge series for April. 


Anonymous said...

Fun! I love it when kids start asking questions and tying us silly adults up in knots... they say, "But you say share and be friends and don't use time out words.... and then you use them!"... Adults being hypocrites. (And then teach spelling! WHY don't we spell it hippocrite!)

Kavity said...

Thanks for visiting the blog :)