Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yet again

It is high summer, that time of the year when the sun beats down on Chennai like a mad man out on a rampage to drain our brains out. But, more importantly, it is that time of the year when campus joiners infest our office space or whatever little of it we have at as early as 9 in the morning. 9 in the morning. Not having fixed seats in office does have its problems, doesn’t it?

However, having new people around provides much needed fodder for this blog (that’s my selfish avatar with the evil laughter intact).

Sample this conversation one of them (N) had with our HR Manager soon after joining. “Can you please send us the welcome mail?” Now, get this straight. We, like other normal human beings, do feel a little jolted when bestowed with the presence of new faces in humongous numbers. Nevertheless, we are not evil enough to make someone feel so unwelcome that they start demanding for written proofs of how warmly welcoming the firm feels towards them.

So, I rechecked with N whether I had heard it right. She said, “Yeah, we need to have the welcome mail to finish other joining formalities.”

Processes, processes and more processes. That’s the challenge with huge organizations. We need to get a welcome mail in order to receive the access card. We need to have the access card in order to enter the firm and log in to the network. We need to log in to the network to receive the welcome mail in the first place. Quite a vicious cycle, ain’t it?

But, I am no one to crib about huge organizations. I like them so – large, widely spread over the place and hyper networked. The plethora of choices, the might of the fun, the number of faces one meets day in and day out.. it’s bliss.

Then again, small organizations sound exciting too. The comfort in knowing everyone, almost like family, is hard to pass off as non beneficial.

Ok, you can see that am ‘see-sawing’, or rather, what is that word, yet again? Oh yeah, I am swinging (thanks Shift+F7) like a see-saw! ‘Cos it is Sayonara time yet again.

And, unlike last time, this once, I am quite apprehensive, senti and majorly excited, all at the same time!

P.S. I know it is quite an irony, me cribbing about new joiners, when I am going to be one really soon. As an aside, I heard there are fixed seats over there.

P.P.S. One more label joins the list of city labels with this post.


Anonymous said...

Can't get this meaning exactly in any other language:-

"Idhu thaan scenennungarudu machi" :-D

Kavity said...

@ Anonymous: What is this Deepa? I don't know how to put scene at all :P

Epping Electrical said...

Where are you off to??

Kavity said...

@ GodM: Moving to a niche consulting firm in Gurgaon

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

That's great news! I hope you like the new workplace and people, and fall in love with Gurgaon too - that won't be very difficult once winter sets in.

Good luck for the things to come :)


Kavity said...

@ Alec Smart: Thanks! And, you are the only one who is even hoping that I fall in love with Gurgaon. Very encouraging :) I hope so too!

Shrutz said...


Gurgoan, of course, sucks.

Kavity said...

@ Shrutz: Thanks :)

And for being the millionth person to have suggested what you have suggested about Gurgaon, please to be referring to Alec Smart's comment above, am gearing up to love Gurgaon, whether in sun or rain that is! :D

Vinay said...

Its almost a bit like if you have internet connectivity issues, please mail us (PS: I am facing that issue)

Shreya said...

Congrats and I am hoping for more than you falling in love with just Gurgaon ;);)
Gurgaon is horrible. Winter is horribler.
At least I will get to meet you when I am home :)

Kavity said...

@ Vinay: I refuse to understand

@ S: Thanks :) for the wishes.. and for the high hopes you have on me ;)

Anonymous said...

Kal Irundha Naaya Kaanum,
Naay Irundha Kala Kannum