Saturday, May 29, 2010

Me. And, me.

Don’t go so fast for life is short

Stop and stare with a child’s heart

Stop and stare at the greyish – blue sky line

Streaking through the sky scrapers of our time

Why should I have time and patience

To stand and stare at the beauty & brilliance?

For, ain’t I the chosen might

To lead this world from darkness to light?

Don’t feign ignorance, of life’s beauties

A welcome respite, from thy duties

Remember, my child, life is short

Stop and stare with all your heart

Life’s beauty lies in

Being the kingpin

Why should I stand by and ignore

As others race ahead for more and more

Take it from me, oh little one

I who have endured life, lost and won

Small and big, the events are many

Life is short, enjoy the journey

Yes indeed, oh wise one

You enlighten me with your wisdom

But, life is short, the pace is brisk

Let me enjoy the kick and the risk.


Ramya said...

Poetry!!!!! after long :)

Sounds simple, true and straight forward... i sense more of "been there, seen it" rather than the "life is simple, go by its course".. intended? :)

Yogesh said...

Me loves the poem :)
Only if we could actually do as we wish!

Deepa said...

Very succinctly conveyed, the often-experienced conflict of 2 opposing factions within us....

Atul Garg said...

This is incredible! Awesome conversation and awesome conclusion :)

Bihag Bhatt said...

Are you angry at all these beautiful things? Why can't you just look at them? Why is the need to stare??

Shreya said...

Great poem :) Owe all these deep reminisces to the consultant's checkered life. Silver lining galore :D

Kavity said...

I have tried to be equally confused and confusing on both ends. However, sometimes age takes over :P

If only!

@Deepa, Atul:
Thanks :)

"What's this life if full of care
There's no time to stand and stare"
Got inspired there. Also, 'look' as a word does not sound dramatic enough :)

Thanks :) Maybe you are right.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Refreshing :)

Kavity said...

Thanks Banjo :)

ajay said...

Wow, this is awesome! Loved it. Let me enjoy the kick and the risk. I so feel like this. What's life without these? What is this life, if full of care,we have no time to stand and stare?

Kavity said...

Thanks Ajay :)

NK said...

OK consultant, now that you've wonderfully described the problem, gimme the solution . . . (or should i just stare at this problem with a child's heart and forget all about its resolution?)

Kavity said...

Precisely my point! My job is done with this. Now that I have provided multiple perspectives, it is in your scope of work to figue out the solution :P

vinayvasan said...

Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change
The road you're on

Kavity said...

Yeah, and after all aren't we all such hopeless optimists!

vinayvasan said...

Not me or rather I am not an optimist for myself, definitely for others :)

King Vishy said...

Woww!! First time since school that I understood a poem the first time I read it!! :) Thanks for the simplicity that sure helps non-regular-poem-readers like me.

And the arguments were superbly put together - simple, yet comprehensive!!

Kavity said...

We have had quite an elongated discussion on this offline, am not going to trouble you further with questions like "What?", "Why?, "How?" etc. :)

Thanks a lot :)