Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The great Indian employers' struggle

The news came in today morning. Yet another was poached by a rival. This is the second time it has happened this quarter; and, by the same rival.

Tempers have been flying. It is so unnerving it’s not even funny. After all these days of sharing, caring and working together, how could employees turn disloyal over night?

There was no clue of it, no signs of the bad times to come. Everything was normal; life went on as usual, and we were blissfully ignorant of the developments happening behind our back.

But now this big blow!

We are crippled, till we find a worthy substitute. The amount of training that needs to be given, the time that the new one would take to settle down and actually start working… It is going to be toil, a painful tussle, a fight till the end, by when the poaching would start all over again.

Oh God! If not for sneaky neighbors and unfaithful servant maids, the world would have been a much better place to live in.


மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

:) Sujatha once wrote a series of short stories with a twist in the end. They were called "Thoondil kadaigal". Yet another good thoondil post :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Bad employers I must say :)

Archana Kumar said...

hahaha.....chancey illa nee!!!

Kavity said...

@ Mani: Am honored :)

@ Banjo: Tell me about it! I can go on for ages on that one :P

@ Archu: Thanks :)

Yogesh said...

I totally relate to the pain :)

Thankfully, now the job of searching, training, appraisal et al has been delegated to Sonia :P

Shreya said...

How can neighbors do that! I am barely acquainted with my neighbors, but would never poach their maid!

Kavity said...

@ Yogi: Free rider! Poor Sonia

@ Shreya: We wouldn't.. but there are many jobless neighbors who exist with this sole agenda in mind!

Deepa said...

Twisty tale....very nice !

Kavity said...

Thanks Deepa :)