Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a funny world!

Caveat: The observations made in this post are based on limited experiences during a limited window of time under certain limited circumstances. These are not meant to be generalizations though they might “sound” generic.

I have ranted extensively on this blog. After all, I am an SME* on that, there is even a label named ‘Cribbita’ on this blog. My rants have ranged from vending machines to “name calling” conventions to professionally acceptable language. However, I have consciously steered clear of never ending, debatable topics. Save this once.

At the risk of sounding contentious, here we go!

The fact that one is a woman does not mean that

  1. One does not know the first thing about numbers – Gender has nothing to do with being marketing pro or finance pro. Personal preferences have. And, as an aside, the two need not be mutually exclusive, there are people who like and know both Finance and Marketing.
  2. One can talk only the supposedly ‘girlie’ stuff (like shopping) – One knows how to hold a reasonably interesting conversation (interesting to all parties concerned); or, one does not. Period. One need not be of a particular gender to be stupid enough to talk about subjects that do not appeal to everyone in the group, when in a group.
  3. One has no career aspirations – This is what beats me the most. Beyond a point, gender has very little to do with aspiring for an interesting career. How can being a woman be so much of a barrier at this level that it is even taboo to “desire” things, which are quite common place and not too out of the ordinary otherwise?

It is quite hilarious to note how easy it is to stereotype. And, ah, well, to generalize too.

* - Subject Matter Expert


Ramya said...

wo!!! someone's seriously rubbed the wrong side... stereotyping is like pollution.. its all over the place..and it sucks...jus ignore..

Yogesh said...

Agreer on all the points -
Nari shakti zindabaad!

Atul Garg said...

Yo Kavity!

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

as a shameless marketer would say, Stereotypes are cultural segmentations :)

sathish said...

Go Kavity.. i liked the "Caveat"

Bihag Bhatt said...

You consider these debatable points!! Debatable? Really?

I thought "one" would be very convinced about these! These are just non-negotiables!

Archana Kumar said...

like it all the way...
Defntly seriously serious stuff!!!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...


These days, anyone who voices such opinions are also 'stereotypes'!! Times change, but something will always be that day's stereotype. :D

I belong to the stereotype 'just-try-to-keep-everyone-happy-but-dont-really-care-if-someone-hurts-you'. :-/

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Well, I talk girlie stuff all the bloody time, and I am also *cough cough* grossly unambitious. But this isn't about me.

About this post? Assume there's a Like button here, like on FB. And pliss now also assume that I've hit that button :)

AP said...

Like Banjo's comment above. Acknowledge the existence of stereotype based judgments, especially gender related. But such are not limited only to females!

Shobana K said...

Neatly written...hats off!

Kavity said...

Actually, am not pissed off, just amused at the amount of insecurity and conservatism that prevails around the place. And, I do not exactly ignore it. For the good or bad of it, I keep sending across subtle signals, unfortunately, subtlety does not seem to be a universal language!

What is 'nari'? :P

As an aside, am reminded of our favorite Prof when you mention 'segmentation'. The first thing he asked me - Define segmentation. And did not spare me till I got the keyword - needs - right!

You are right. It is non-negotiable definitely.
As an aside, how coincidental that Banjo should have mentioned segmentation and I should have been reminded of our favorite Prof on this comment thread where you have commented. ConB rocks :D

You bet! Very very serious stuff, for a change!

Yeah, stereotyping is the order of the day. Anyway, the point is a little more complicated than plain stereotyping I guess.

@AP: I do agree. Maybe you should write a blog post about the other side of the story.

@Atul, Sathish, Alec Smart, Shobana:
Thanks guys!:)

rekha said...

...And whoever said being good at Marketing doesn't mean being good with numbers doesn't know shit about marketing! Great Post! But i thought the stereotypes only existing within orthodox family circles these days.

Song of the Ocean said...

Well said Kavi!!.... Beautifully articulated... Im reminded of what a a client of ours keeps saying "crazy buggers are always there!!"

Kavity said...

The only saving grace is that my family is not orthodox enough to think this way. However, out in the general world, such people exist.

@Song of the Ocean:
Thanks :) By the way, who is this? Your profile does not seem to say much..

The Corporate Idiot said...

Not sure about Point 1 but 2 & 3, I have seen a living proof who doesn't talk Girlie stuff and who had career aspirations; My wife.


Kavity said...

@The Corporate Idiot:
'has career aspirations' you meant to say, I hope :)

The Corporate Idiot said...

Nope "had", She thinks bringing up the kids is her ... everything now. Looks like career has taken a back seat !!!

Anonymous said...

Career Aspirations???? Wats that?? There you go.. disproved the whole stereotype :D

Kavity said...

@ The Corporate Idiot:
Aah! That's sad!

@ vinayvasan:
Was not talking about the other way round at all.. I knew some outlier would give some illogical logic here!