Thursday, March 25, 2010

Uninteresting & hyper random truths

I have been tagged, for the first time in blog – life. And, with due respect to the tagger, S, I hereby present seven random truths about me. I don’t think they fit into the ‘pearls of wisdom’ bill. However, I have consciously tried to avoid stuff that might already be apparent from this overtly descriptive and painfully personal blog.

Starting with the benign, moving slowly towards the more random and ending with the scariest, that’s the idea for today..

  1. For a long time in life (read till 12th standard), I dreamt of graduating with an Arts degree in English Literature. I wanted to go on and on and on.. up to a Ph. D. in English Literature. I still dream of doing it someday.
  2. Despite being touted as a pure blooded multi-tasker, I still cannot smile when I am concentrating on playing the Veena. Family & friends who have graciously attended my performances have given me major grief over this. Really, I am working on it. Well, actually not. How does one work on such things?
  3. I am an avid bathroom singer. Just walking in to the loo is enough cue to my vocal chords to start off. I sing everything ranging from classical to filmy to advertisement to ring tone level music in all languages once inside the loo, much to the chagrin of co workers.
  4. When I was 10, I got very excited by the idea of having a personal diary. Two months in to it, I stopped abruptly. ‘Cos my cousin took it without my permission and read it. That day, I lost belief in the possibility of privacy, be them in hard copies or soft copies. From then on, my private thoughts have always stayed only in my head, nowhere else.
  5. I totally love the fact that I am a Leo and consider it the best gift life could have given me. I have still not been able to figure out whether I identify myself with being enthusiastic, courageous, fiery, faithful and bossy & intolerant (a couple of negative traits, just to not appear pompous :P) because I am a Leo or whether knowing the fact that I am a Leo has made me want to identify with these character traits.
  6. I forget to eat and sleep when I am in the middle of something important. No, really. There have been times during IIMB when I was working on this paper (which had weekly sectional deadlines) when Nefertiti had to actually come up to my room to remind me to have food (by then I would have missed breakfast, lunch, dinner and one night’s sleep in a row without having realized it). These days, it does not happen so much, firstly because there is nothing so earth shatteringly important that I am up to and secondly because Mom polices me in to eating and sleeping. If not for Moms!
  7. I have this (not so ugly) habit of talking to myself. Cannot be such a bad thing, can it? It all started when I was gearing up for my 10th Boards. A counselor gave us.. hmm.. well.. some great counseling on the effectiveness of reading out loud when studying for exams. I got so totally sold on the idea that from that day on, I started talking out loud – definitions, problems, solutions, analysis – pretty much everything. I have imported the habit in to office as well where I talk to myself for hours together, fighting out with myself on the look, feel and content of my story boards and excels. My colleagues have got so used to this randomness (initially they used to think that I was psychologically affected, perhaps they do so even now) that they no longer respond when I actually try talking to them!

And, I tag:

Manage & Katrix – they don’t seem to be wanting to update their blogs at all!

Nefertiti – curious to know what those 7 random truths might be

Jo – to just satisfy my ego that I already know all those 7 truths, whatever they might be J


Deepa said...

Not uninteresting at all !! Left with ego hurt at the new-ness of most truths :-)

sathish said...

Imagine u doing a degree in english literature.. the headlines in papers will be "IIMB grad leaves plum job to pursue her dream blah blah.."

Kavity said...

@ Deepa: Invested a lot of time in figuring out hitherto unrevealed truths :)
Thanks for picking up the tag!

@ Sathish: At least to find out how big the media hype is, I should do it I think :D

Yogesh said...

Yes English literature would suit you! The intolerant, bossy workaholic with a Literature degree!

And talking to yourself! I always knew you were bonkers :D

Kavity said...

@ Yogesh: Thanks for reiterating ALL the negative traits!
And, yeah, am proud of belonging to the 'bonkers' category :P

Bourbon Legend said...

As a perpetual complier of lists... Respect.