Friday, October 30, 2009

Right Ho!

A colleague of mine, C (mentioned elsewhere in this blog, for asking crazy questions and to be mentioned many more times in coming weeks for ‘adding value’ big time to our otherwise existential life in officeJ) is a major Bertie Wooster fan, to the extent of considering him a role model. In his own words, “What would you have prayed for as a school kid? Good marks at the max? I used to pray for a large inheritance so that I can just sit back and enjoy the well nourished life, very like Bertie Wooster. And of course, it would not hurt to have a Jeeves by my side. What more can one want out of life?”

He is right. He is thinking about the larger picture when he talks about the well nourished, laid back life. Somehow, that is what many of us are striving for, to run around and earn so that we can have a peaceful old age, the Jeeves factor being more of an add-on than hygiene, of course.

I digress, as usual.

I too am a big P. G. Wodehouse fan. However, when discussing Bertie Wooster with C, I realize that I am actually a major Jeeves fan though I am not sure of the ‘role model’ part. In all of P. G. Wodehouse’s works, while I have laughed my head off over the antics of Bertie Wooster, Gussie Fink Nottle and others of the clan, it is Jeeves who has always attracted me the most. Precise and in control of every situation, quoting from things unheard of by the general public, thinking miles in advance and planning and manipulating situations, knowingly and unknowingly making himself indispensable, networked enough to know the darkest secrets and latest gossips – in one word, or rather two, Jeeves rocks! Thinking back, inadvertently, I have strived to be a Jeeves in real life, trying to be in control of situations, thinking and planning to pounce miles in advance, networking big time yada yada with little or no success. I strive nevertheless.

Jeeves is a character I can never tire of unlike many other novels and characters. For instance, when I read dear Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries back to back, I get bored of the murders and the thrills and the evergreen game of suspecting the most non – obvious suspect. Beyond a point, even enjoying the smart moves of the indomitable Poirot and the petite old Miss. Marple becomes a weary exercise. However, I can read on and on about anything that involves P. G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and still crave for more. My nearest term goal is to stack up the Wodehouse collection in my small in – house library, stand back and give a satisfied smile.

And, yes, I have been very nostalgic about my books today, all that I have been reading since the age of seven, ‘cos I was poring over them and arranging them in my book case through out last evening. The touch, feel and smell of books! What an enriching way to spend an entire evening!


Shreya said...

PG Wodehouse. Nothing I say can do justice to how much I admire and enjoy. It's orgasmic.

Kavity said...

Totally agree! It is orgasmic!