Monday, October 12, 2009

ECR and me, with not much in between

If there is still something left that ties me to Chennai, other than school of course, it would be ECR (East Coast Road, Chennai). And, it has little to do with partying and the Fisherman’s cove or even just hanging out with friends, for that matter. ECR, to me, has always been a family thing.

The drive on ECR* with that totally beautiful, clear, deep blue sea on the left embraced lovingly by the light sky blue sky (!) with a couple of clouds adorning the spectacle, the wind gushing past hurriedly while still taking time off to my caress my hair, with a treasure trove of Rahman-Maniratnam combo songs going on loop in the car giving company while a brilliantly orangish red ball of fire sets now slowly, now rapidly, on the right! My, my! What a sight!

Being a sea person more than a hills person (not that I am adventurous when in / on / with either, only the ‘sitting back and enjoying’ thingy), the sea has always left me in a trance. Just that, finally, I am out of that fleeting stupor in which the coast revolved around Marine Drive and Goa! They are nice in their own way, but..

The Bay of Bengal is the most beautiful thing on earth!

I still vividly recollect those weekend trips to Prarthana theater, Muttukadu, Kovalam, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry and Cuddalore! The destination only incidental, the journey on the ECR was always the subject matter of the trip!

It has been almost a decade since then, and I thought I had forgotten ECR, like how I seem to have forgotten the clean roads of Singapore and the biting cold of Kodaikanal (never gone anywhere colder than that yet L)! Yesterday, on a 90 km journey, ECR taught me how grossly wrong I have been all these years! And, no, I was not down memory lane on a nostalgic trip looking back at the fond memories! I was just enjoying ECR like we had never been away from each other for ten odd years, like how when you meet your best friend from school after many years, there is no ‘loss of words’ phenomenon, you just start talking with absolutely no disconnect in sight.

However, unlike other days, this time around, the destination was as much a subject matter as the journey, maybe even more important for a change. I finally, finally managed to go to my first live concert of the King of Music! It was an ARR night! And what a night it was!! Right from Khalbali (Rang De Basanti) to Dil Se Re (Dil Se) to Thamizha Thamizha (Roja) to Fiqrana (Blue), it was such a steal and such a steal with all my favorite songs (as if Rahman had heard my prayers J) that I just could not have asked for more!

The crowd went a little berserk, standing up, standing on chairs, standing on the poled fences, to catch a better glimpse of Him. I too went berserk, much to my Mom’s shock and amusement. Now my friends do I fully understand the total kick in going to a live show and jumping and cheering around with people more fanatic than me as opposed to sitting on my cosy couch in a suave living room and gobbling down shows with just chips and Fanta for company.

My long time dream is fulfilled now; I will go happy and all grinning to the grave!

P.S. Almost the whole of Tamil Nadu was at the venue yesterday. I was nowhere near the Mozart of Madras, the God of Music, to catch a full length, clear picture of him alone, forget taking a picture with him. And no, no autograph either. That is my next and only dream for this lifetime ;) But even otherwise, I will still go happy and grinning to my grave!

* I know it should be ‘the ECR’, but ECR in itself is a brand, a proper noun J


Ramya said...

ECR = scenic serene brilliance on road :)

ECR + ARR -Maniratnam music = Bliss :)

ECR + blissful music + a climate to match = heaven :)

prolly ECR is one of the best things that happened to chennai, and am sure all sea lovers would fall for a drive along....

great to hear u had a great time :) as anyone would :)

Vinay said...

Lucky you :(.. That is one of my all time dream too

Balaji Vasan said...

With AR Rahman, its not just Chennai, where the crowds go berserk. I had attended one of his concerts here in Washington DC, and the description you had given is no different. And it was a jam packed auditorium. True that music is beyond language!

Kavity said...

@ Ramya: I know! One cannot have anything but a nice time with the ECR-Rahman combo!!

@ Vinay: Go to Hyd concert da! Dont go to Bangy then!

@ Balaji Vasan: I was actually thinking that the next time I should go to an international concert, in Middle Eats or somewhere, where there might be much more order amongst the crowds! But, like you said, music is beyond boundaries and languages!

Shreya said...

I know ECR, I was taking it to Pondicherry from Chennai. And it was beautiful cruising along. I seem to have had the most awesome times in Chennai. Weird :)

Shrutz said...

Kovalam??? Arabian Sea!

Kavity said...

@ Shreya: Forget commenting, I did not even imagine non Tams would have heard about ECR! Ah, well.. how could I have forgotten that I have celebrity ASMs across India on my friend list :) By the way, I do remember you like the Chennai skyline in the night, when seen from the flight! To tell you the truth, I have never seen it in the night from a flight in these 24 long years of existence :)

Kavity said...

@ Shrutz: FYI
Though we are not as well known as the 'Arabian Sea' one, we do exist!

Shreya said...

24 long years. Funny you should say that to someone whose been around since the birth of Christ.

Kavity said...

Some people I say! who look and feel much younger than even 20.. just because they are a little over 24 technically.. the tantrums they throw! sigh!

Epping Electrical said...

Oh come on u kiddoes!! Stop commenting about age :D :D

@Kavity: U went to a live ARR concert!!! :O wooooow!!! Am I jealous or what!

Kavity said...

@ Boishakhi: Making everyone jealous was the secondary intention of the post :P, the primary being flaunting the fact that I went to a live ARR concert :)