Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Lov(n)ely Road

It was a never ending road, noiseless, devoid even of the occasional bark of the dog and the buzz of the bees.

It was a never ending road, pitch black and plunged in darkness, having escaped the clutches of the silvery moon light and the many twinkling stars.

It was a never ending road, bound by no fence or wall, slave to no tree’s roots and falling leaves.

It was a never ending road, uninhibited by the scorching heat and the freezing cold likewise.

It was a never ending road, with no way back to the start, with only one way ahead, and that, towards the never ending end.

It was a never ending road, out of the world, peaceful, lovely and lonely too!


மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

Nice one

Kavity said...

Thanks Mani!

Anonymous said...

Nice..Almost reminds me of an Agatha Christie Novel called "Endless Night" which has a nice 4 stanza part in it about the Endless Night..

Kavity said...

Thanks Vinay! Oh, I have never read that book!! Long time since I read a Christie anyway. So, time to try this out.

Shreya said...

Nice nice. Wonder what inspired it.

Kavity said...

Thanks S :)

Too much of introspection is all that inspired it!