Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Photo-Sensitive Me

My first ever phone was a Nokia 1100. Touted as the phone of the century those days, many of my friends started off with this one. But, one by one, all of them migrated to something better, a slide or a flip, something, anything better than a device with which one could talk and only talk. I was left all alone with my poor 1100. Of course, the 1100 had a torch light, a mighty powerful one, and that was the EDGE I had over all these techno – savvy show offs around me!

For ages after that (4 years to be precise) I was stuck with the 1100, aspiring for and dreaming about something really grand, something, anything, for everything would be grander than the 1100 (sans the torch light though). I still do not understand whether
I was stuck with it for lack of something better, or it was stuck with me out of love and affection. For, countless have been the times when I threw it across my room (mosaic floor), down the corridor (black stone, or rather, grey stone, real GREY stone!), on roads (cemented, graveled, all of ‘em types), with no luck. It might fall apart in to individual pieces, but all of them would be intact. One clasp! And bingo! They would be back in position saluting their ill – treating, ill – mannered master.

The agenda of this post was not to go on and on about my 1100 and its master, but as usual, I digress, for, if otherwise, you might think someone else has hacked my account.

So, finally, sometime last year, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time to move on. For many months thereafter, I waited and bided my time for a better phone and a much better phone, researched endlessly so much so that all my friends got sick of my ‘phoney’ questions, and finally bought the very tech savvy (by my standards) and very expensive (again, by my standards)
Nokia 6500 slide. Alas! sans the torch light. The interesting part here does not lie with my phone but with how I went about choosing the attributes that would eventually make up my phone.

All you guys who have got sick with the ‘Title-Not-Matching-Content’ illness by now will get the answer in the next few paragraphs.

The primary and only attribute I looked for in my new phone was a >=3.2 Mega Pixel camera, other than the fact that it should look really good (which is hygiene according to me, be it a car or a phone) and that it should be a Nokia (like how Xerox means photo-copying to the world, so does Nokia mean ‘mobile phoning’ to me). The initial reaction of people like ‘Manage’ (the category that does not appreciate such finer details in life) was, “I think you are in need of a camera and not a phone.”

I am not really the photography types, if you know what I mean. For instance, I can’t, like ‘Rojo’ or ‘Da’, wait with bated breath for the sun to rise over the ocean and click pictures at different angles with the help of a tripod. More importantly, I can’t be bothered to lug my camera around everywhere I go, for that is what it would be to me, luggage, unlike my treasured, large sized i-pod which I fondly carry around with me even to the grocery shop next door. However, I do like clicking pictures occasionally when I find something interesting, like some funny notices, some cranky shop boards, or better still, some dope for
Tinker Magazine (I know it is time I revived that account, I promise I will, sooner or later). And, the only way to satisfy myself on all counts will be to buy a phone with a nice camera, and that is what I did.

So what if I am photo or rather, camera, or rather, camera luggage sensitive? I have been very happy ever since I acquired my Nokia 6500 slide and have not had to look at any other phone or camera or phone with camera thereafter. And, that is all that matters I guess!


Anonymous said...

Well my first change of a mobile phone was for the Nokia 6030 cos it had a radio and the latest one 5800 express music was for the music aspect and the 8Gb thingie :). To each one his/her own. But yes, I cant think of switching from Nokia.

Ganesh Jeyaraman said...

hehe... 4 years with 1100 .. quite a feat... was boasting that I had it for 2 full years...;)

Pradeep said...

The iphone has a torch-light you should probably get an iphone :P

Boishakhi said...

I did 6 years with 1100 :)

Kavity said...

@ vinayvasan: I would tell you, like how Manage told me, "What you need is an i-pod, not a phone". But, of course, you are going to come up with hazaar counter arguments to that :)

@ Ganesh Jeyaraman: Pooh! 2 years is nothing! You did not realise the full 'VFM' of the 1100 in that case :D

@ Pradeep: To me, Nokia is the only mobile on Earth :D So, I tend to overlook such 'minor' distractions as the i-phone

@ Boishakhi: Bows! GodM is GodM always!

Shreya said...

My first phone was so bad that people would laugh when I would take it out. My second phone was a Mercedes compared to that, but became a beat-up Maruti 800 by the time I was done with it. My third phone was kinda similar, but it landed up in the junkyard cause I took it to bathe one day since was anticipating an important call. My fourth and current phone is a beauty - camera-shamera, recording and what not. It slides too and looks like Catherine Zeta Jones :D

Kavity said...

@ Shreya: Wah! Comparing one's phone to Catherina Zeta Jones is not something that would occur to aam junta like me.. Truly S ish style :D :D