Monday, August 10, 2009

A Tribute that would never suffice

This post has been in the pipeline for a year now, and, finally, I have decided that I can never ever do justice to it. So giving up on the same, I am posting it here.

My uncle is a very well known Professor of English in the English Language Teaching (ELT) circle. He is renowned for his dedication and commitment to the college he has been serving for a major part of his life. His students worship him, his peers are intimidated by him and every college in this city and in many others has tried to poach him. And, I have been very careful so far in not sending him the link of my blog. Else, he would have had a heart attack by now over his niece’s grammar, spelling and overall English language skills!

He is not the only such teacher I have met, just started with him because the example is closer home.

Right from the English teacher who inculcated in me, the love for reading, writing and imagining in English, as early as third standard to the Science teacher who made me enjoy Physics and Chemistry despite the pressure of Board Exams to all my Tamil teachers in school who inspired me to write Tamil poetry to the Computer Architecture Professor in college (that is the only subject I ever truly enjoyed in college) to all my Marketing Professors in IIMB (the ConB God, the Brand Guru, the ever so nice and knowledgeable S&D Prof to name a few) to the Macroeconomics Wonder Woman Prof, it is a realllly long, perhaps never ending list!

I know what drives
me; am trying to build a solid career that would make me powerful in the long run, apart from providing ‘intriguing challenges that tease and test my brain’. I know what would have driven my parents to make me what I am today; never ending affection in wanting their kid to get the best, be the best and get the best once again (‘best’ being a very subjective word, I have just used it for the sake of simplicity).

What drives a teacher? I mean, what does (s)he ‘get’ per se out of grooming hundreds of thousands of young talent day in and day out. A person as narrow minded as me (there must be a harsher word than that, I sooooo hate calling myself names), sitting in a plush air conditioned office in front of a laptop trying to push
myself and my career ahead with every subsequent move, would never know. However, I do know that nothing I ever do, celebrating ‘Teacher’s Day’, sending cards and flowers and wishes, writing tributes on the blog-o-sphere will suffice in terms of gratitude.

Nothing can, should and would suffice in assessing and repaying with interest, a teacher’s eternal service to mankind.


Shrutz said...

Straang agreer. So many teachers... they pushed me more than I (or my family) pushed me.

A Random Traveller said...

Amazing. Fully Agreed.
I have had similar reflections. You can skim them through.


மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

Cannot agree more..I had the fortune of having some great teachers too..When I was in my Xth and +2, I used to go to my teachers' place to study and take special exams and it was not tution. They did it basically because of their passion for the profession. Maybe it is their influence that I chose to do an FPM which would give me an option of taking up the teaching profession sometime in my life.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

HOw do you ever repay? Perhaps by passing on the knowledge

Kavity said...

@ Banjo: Yeah, perhaps.. the way Mani is aspiring to..

Ganesh Jeyaraman said...

Seriously, nothing like those good old teachers back in school ;)
Teaching is perhaps the most dedicated profession ... :D .. would luv to pursue it.

Kavity said...

@ Ganesh: Strong agreer! It is such a dedicated profession that I know I do not have it in me to pursue it :)