Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bleaky Black Bygones

Most times, I love to look back and reminiscence. I can ramble on for hours and hours about my good old school life, ‘very happening’ internship days and cherished B – school life, amongst other things.
So, it was quite a shock even to me when I shuddered to look back at the past yesterday.

‘She’ brought back memories
Of the rain and the flood
Of night outs and screwed weekends
Of the insufficiency of 24 hours in a day
Of working lunches of Subs and Mcs
Of trying to settle down amidst chaos
Of a lost ‘4 – month’ of my life to work

Today, we had a “Sub” lunch again
And nothing has changed
Just that
These are saner times
‘She’ is on the other side now


satbir said...

good, its a she! i am out of the hit list....:)

Shrutz said...

And who be this, darlin'?

J a G z said...

you sure these are saner times??

those times wer much better given the innocence and the enthusiasm that wud drive what u call the 'insanity' of those times.. I wud rather prefer being that way than becoming 'sane'

Kavity said...

@ Satbir: :D yeah its someone from my very first project
@ Shrutz: She is an ex colleague :)
@ Jagz: I think I prefer these times, when I am saner.

J a G z said...

u say it so!! :P

Shreya said...

Kavity! How goes it? Write some poetry on a 'He' for God's sake :P

Shreya said...

Do you think your writing has become blacker since u graduated?

Also, is that a sign of sanity?

Kavity said...

S!! How's Beijing treating you! How many 'He's have fallen for your charms till now?
I'd love to write about a 'He' but a 'my' He would be better than some hypothetical He, me thinks. What do you say?
My writing has sure become bleakier since campus, not sure about the blacker part though. And, I feel it is a sign of insanity rather!

Shreya said...

Your 'He'. Hmmm. Literally translated to 'Tumhara Woh'. Shady.

But you dont know Hindi :P

I am in Shanghai sweetheart. And coming soon to Mumbai for good, or whatever that is called in bohemia. You better quickly arm yourself with some more excuses to not meet me.

Kavity said...

Yes ma'am will do that. Have no intentions of meeting you. However, give me a call or send me a message when you reach Mumbai so that I can start exercising some innovative excuses :)