Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Am An Alliterations' Aficionado

I am suddenly consumed by an insatiable desire to alliterate (if I may say so). That’s why my previous post has quite an unnecessary title, Bleaky Black Bygones. It would have very well sufficed if I had named it ‘Bygones’ or ‘Looking Back’ or ‘Back to the Past’ or ‘Un – Reminiscences’. I considered ‘Bleaky Black Back’, another alliterative title but decided against it for it might convey other unintended meanings.

Anyway, I am digressing here. Getting back to my latest obsession, here are a few more I thought up:
Socialite’s Sabbatical – I had actually come up with the phrase Socialite on a sabbatical; tweaked it a bit for the alliterative allusion
Wow! That gives me my next one.
Alliterative Allusion – I am not sure whether this is actually alliteration, for Wikipedia defines alliteration as ‘the repeated occurrence of a consonant sound at the beginning of several words in the same phrase’
Lost Little Lamb – That was how I was, lost for words to alliterate, for some time after the previous one. Before anyone else points it out, I do accept that ‘little’ is a major force fit here
Glorified Garbage Giver – What I do day in and day out; thinking about it, I am a Glib Glorified Garbage Giver. Or, is it perhaps Glorified Glib Garbage Giver?
Humor Has Happiness Happening Here – Always!
Feverish Fancy For Friggin’ Fantasy Fiction – A friend of mine does have such a fancy

Initially, I thought that I should come up with alliterations for every letter in the English alphabet. Half way through the exercise, I realized that it is an over – ambitious project, just like my final year project in college. I dropped that idea and devised another one, to have increasing number of words in succeeding alliterations. If you notice above, I have started with two, moved to three, then five and then six. However, creating greater than six word alliterations is just beyond me.
So Song! Oops, So Long!


RK said...

Very Vetti Velakennai..

There's one more alliteration :D..
Any ways.. Its a good post ;) and what's a good post without a single comment.. so here goes..

Anonymous said...

Excellent Exquisite Elucidation extolling.. bah i give up.. but then u get the idea.. and fantasy fiction is never friggin.. its in fact fantabulistically fulsome :)

Kavity said...

@ RK: Thanks for a desi alliteration :)

@ Vinay: That reaction was expected from you on fantasy fiction. I guess Sidekick too would mirror your reactions

Arvind said...

Ok, beat this..

Mister Mokka Mohan Money Makes Money. Moreover,Metaphorically More Money Mostly Makes Much More Money. ...

PS: I'm supposed to be at work.. Sometimes I wonder, is sky the limit or is it me? Vettitanateke ore ellaye illama poche..

Kavity said...

@ Arvind:

That was a major tongue twister.. and no, I don't think I can come anywhere near it, forget beating it..
I wonder how I survive 'work' at times without internet 12 hours at a stretch!