Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unrelated Arbit, really!

Written under extreme levels of no enthu; prone to be energy sucking and gloomy in general
What if there were a Ctrl+Z option in life?
Life would be so much more peaceful. We could check each of our options like in a decision tree and track back every time it did not work out and choose the right one.
What if everyone could get to live with everyone they liked without ever having to convince everyone else as to why they should or should not?
We would not have to see people who are special to us suffer and whither right in front of us, incapable of doing anything but crying silently
What if miracles do happen in real life, really?
Like in commercial cinema, we would walk away happier people, for the hero would have run to the railway station at the last moment and scooped up the heroine in his hands
What if life were as arbit as arbit itself, with no semantics and no protocols to adhere to, with each one of us living it on our own terms?
Maybe it already is; everything is in the mind after all.


Kartik said...

Ctrl+Z will in fact not be peaceful! Imagine a decision tree, and someone returning to the same places over and over again in search of THE best outcome. Doesnt seem too different than actual life.

Peace IS in mind after all.

Shreya said...

I agree with Kartik. The flip-side of liberation is having too much choice.

kavity said...

Haan maybe the grass is always greener on the other side. But, still, I am of the opinion that a Ctrl+Z would make life nicer than it is right now.

மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

In its own way, Life does have an implicit/indirect Ctl+Z. One only need to realize how often life throws up similar experiences/contexts/situations.

மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

Moreover I believe a Ctl+Z can make life less interesting. Though painful at times, it is the lack of Ctl+Z and the imperfections that make life interesting!

The Corporate Idiot said...

CTRL-Z seems nice but the decisions we have and the cause and effect are interrelated with others' as well. So Imagine a situation, where you CTRL-Z eed a decision that was a base for somebody else and the entire series based on yours wouldnt have a start now, Like a Phantom.

Imagine what might happen, while I am typing this comment, my great grand dad tries to undo things and killed my Great Grand Mom before my grandfather born. U woudnt get a chance to see it... !!!

Or, U might secretly wish he should have done it instead of reading it !!

kavity said...

@ Mani: That is like saying that you like arranged marriage because of all the uncertainities as opposed to the supposedly predicatble love marriage where you know the other person already. Something like 'sour grapes' :D

@ Corporate Idiot: Now you are giving some 'time turner' like fundae a.k.a Harry Potter. I do not have an answer :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting read actually..

wud hav loved to ctrl+z to return to my school dayz.. or engg dayz..

but guess life wud actually become random if all had the ctrl+z button in their hands.. with all trying to press the button and the whole world revolving around a particular point in time.. wud actually b intersting to c what the outcome wud b when different people pressed the button at different points in time to reverse the same incident..
May be the world wud come to a standstill and or wud come to a 'steady' state wrt time.

but u shud nt worry too much or miss this in life.. u r already too random n arbit.. wud not hav been differnt for u ny case. :)


The Corporate Idiot said...

Ha Ha... Yeah, Time turner @ Harry Potter is indeed a popular version of what I said, However what I mentioned is called "Grandfather's Paradox" !!