Thursday, January 22, 2009

The resolution that never was

My colleague and more importantly bay mate (R), if such a term exists, is majorly in to low calorie foods. And, her desk tray (the rack which used to hold keyboards when things like desktops still existed) is always filled with different kinds of food items ranging from rusks to fruits to soup sticks. The latest addition is the diet “khakra” (a Gujarati food item which she says should be pronounced khaak – raa).
Now, I am someone who is used to chocolate, chocolaty biscuits, rich chocolate cakes, chocolate brownies – I hope you are getting the drift. So, I have been on a guilt trip seeing this low calorie gourmet fest right next door for the past many weeks.
And to top it all, when she said (with reference to the Mumbai marathon), “I don’t think I would participate in the marathon this time. I am terribly out of touch. It has been like, 6 months since I ran”, I could only say, “Yeah, I too am terribly out of touch. It has been like, 23 years since I ran.”
From that moment on, guilt started wagging its accusing finger at me every time I tried to eat anything tasty. I had to do something, and really fast. So, last weekend I went to the nearest super market resolved to pick up every low calorie food item that caught my eye. But, as providence would have it, the first that caught my eye was
Bournville. Right in to my shopping bag went the dark chocolate. After that, however frantically I searched, I could not find any of the low calorie stuff that R had recommended. So, I picked up a large packet of Britannia Low Calorie biscuits (which I suspect is not low calorie ‘cos it tastes so good) and came back home, neither happy nor less guilty.
All said and done, I have always firmly believed that I am on the plumpier side strictly owing to genes :). And, it has never bothered me – so much so that
I have instigated jokes on my “healthy” physique many a time. Add to that a clear hatred for any activity which involves movement (I used to bunk physical exercise classes during school days) and a never ending list of immobile activities (reading books, writing/ blogging, playing Veena, and singing).
So, weighing the pros and cons, I have finally decided that diet food is not my kind of stuff, really. Nor is running the marathon. I am quite content being the chocolaty person I am and have resolved not to take resolutions on this one any more:D


மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

:) wisdom at last!!

i had a bournville yday..very good:) i thought i paid 75 bucks for it, i should at least eat it over two days..i took some..and then some..and then some..and then some..all at one go!! so much for my resolution!!i guess its the same story everywhere..some ppl stay the good food connossieurs they are!!

Archana Kumar said...

U can always find some Marie or tiger biscuits in any store...:P

J a G z said...

yeah i cud actually see the effect of ur 'strict diet' today!!.
Resolutions do work :P

Vinay said...

Isnt that too late to realize that Fat Kavity :). or i mean well rounded Kavity :P..

Skeptic said...

Hmmm.. the other R colleague of yours who was witness to that conversation about the marathon, just gulped down three dosas and one plateful of curd rice and one bar of toblerone.. So now u might wanna throw the guilt aside :)

kavity said...

@ Mani: Yeah, better late than never :D
@ Archana: The eye refuses to go that way :P
@ Jags: You don't hafta be so nasty :D
@ Vinay: I choose not to reply!
@ Skeptic: That definitely helps me forget my guilt :D

Arvind said...

From Protein shakes to 6 meals a day, i've tried it all.. All to no avail.. Oh Boy!! Are we two sides of the same coin or what!! With one minor difference of course.. My body refuses to gain weight, come what may!! Yes, even I'm beginning to think its genetic.. Damn!! I'm going to find myself a nice German chic. Cant let my kids suffer the same fate you see!!!

kavity said...

@ Arvind: I sometimes wonder how nice it would be if people could give away extra fat they have to others who don't. Both our troubles would be solved in a jiffy :D

Shreya said...

Bournville is amazing, it was my one indulgence in UP. But yea, one can indulge and still get thinner. The trick is to eat small portions - lovingly :D