Tuesday, April 04, 2017

C for Coasters

Have you had a crush on an object? No, don't get me wrong. I am not talking about untoward affections or fantasies for inanimate objects, just plain fondness and liking for things and a want to acquire them immediately.

I have many such crushes. I have a liking for quaint things - colourful, well designed, cutesy, arty stuff. There are times when I have craved shopping in quaint shops and hunted all over Mumbai for the perfect quaint shop that could drain me of my time and money, giving me instant gratification in return. Inordinate are the minutes I have spent at Colaba causeway and the Kala Ghoda arts festival, walking up and down the lanes and by-lanes, if not buying, at least drinking in my quaint little things. Nowadays, however, I just go onto arty websites to ape at 'em stuff and buy a few while I am at it.

Specifically, I love acquiring coasters. I have coaster families of Mumbai (Gateway, CST - the works), of nice paintings, of random flowers and so on. In fact, I once ordered a DIY kit on Flipkart (yeah, I am the poster child for e-commerce websites I tell you) and made my own coasters. Which outputted to a disgusting set of quadrilaterals, as evidenced by the look on V's face though he kept good counsel and reserved his comments, instead of earning my wrath for a lifetime.

So, yeah, acquiring coasters by itself is not a bad idea, as you would agree with me (as long as I don't experiment with DIY kits and expect love-filled reactions from the better half). But, if you are a coaster lover like me, pray answer this question. How extensively do you use the damn things? I always, ALWAYS, forget to take a coaster before keeping my brown tea filled blue mug on the side table or the center table or the dining table or... you must be getting the drift. As a result of this, I don't just get dirty looks from V anymore, but suspiciously questioning ones whenever I am on my laptop or on my phone with a lovestruck look in my eyes. He seems to be dying to tell me, "Can you please not order one more set of coasters? We live in Mumbai and real estate is frigging expensive here."

P. S. This post is the third in the A-Z blogging challenge series for April. 

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