Friday, September 19, 2014

Many a discussion on the boobs and the girl

I haven’t seen this latest controversial picture of Deepika Padukone’s cleavage. But, my curiosity to review her boobs has hardly been upped by the controversy, given I have seen those being generously flaunted in many a movie and magazine photo shoot. Also, you know, I do know how cleavage looks. So, not interested. No.

But, not seeing the pic hasn’t spared me the horror of Deepika’s outrage tweet and the follow up tweets by her Bollywood brethren. “Appalled”, says Karan Johar. Respect, brave girl, go girl etc. are some of the keywords used in tweets by other eminent professionals like Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Huma Querishi, not necessarily in that order. And, some of our distinguished newspapers (not ToI) have pulled these tweets together and made multiple news articles off the combination. So, I am fully informed and all that. Yes.

But, outrages over what politicians say and what the media publishes are so yesterday. This week is outrage over the outrage week. She is an actor, for heaven’s sake. It is her bloody job to flaunt her physical assets, cleavage included. She does it in so many movies and item songs and advertisements and… So, how can she have a problem with ToI surreptitiously clicking pictures of her cleavage and flashing those for the benefit of well-informed Twitterati? Also, wasn’t that the week her movie Finding Fanny released? These actors na, they will do anything to promote their movies. Moreover, when we don’t have a problem with SRK’s (chemically induced) six-pack and Aamir Khan’s (apparently built from hard work) eight-pack, why are we making noise about DP’s two-pack?

Is there something ridiculously wrong with these arguments? I believe there is. Because joining the outrage over outrage bandwagon is so passé. Also, because I am mildly pissed off.

Her boobs are shown in movies that she consented to work in. Assuming that her boobs are free to be photographed by any TDH and flashed anywhere, and that she should sit back silently because she is an actor is akin to thinking there is nothing wrong in raping a prostitute (a wise comment made by the wise Nivi).

On that note, SRK’s and Aamir Khan’s multi-pack photographs are from movies. It isn’t even logical to compare the two situations.

Also, even if it is true that this was a publicity stunt her PR team pulled off as part of the Finding Fanny publicity, why are we all cheapening ourselves by outraging over her outrage? Doesn’t that mean we are all endorsing what ToI did i.e., click a picture of a personal spot in stealth, and upload it on Twitter almost a year later.

If we are never going to give benefit of doubt to anyone, because of the way he/she dresses or because of his/her career, wouldn’t we all end up speaking like some of our politicians someday, that rapes are political conspiracies and women have an equal role to play in a rape?

Well, all that apart, I hear side boob is the new cleavage. ToI, when and where is the next photo shoot?

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Shobana kandaswamy said...

Well Said! its all part and parcel of their publicity stunt