Sunday, June 19, 2011

Many a link between the teeth and the wreath

The first thing I am reminded of when I think about dentists is this Agatha Christie short story (or novel, I do not remember). It talks about how murdering someone in a dentist’s chair is child’s play because people are at their vulnerable best in the hands of their dentist. Or something like that (Gundu Rao style ;))

As you might have guessed, I am terrified of dentists. There are also other reasons like pain in the teeth and loss of talking for an evening (if one pulls out their teeth?). Well, I am not sure of the details. I have never been to a dentist. Yet.

However, a visit to the beauty parlour invokes many such similar fears in me. I am at my vulnerable best when the beautician smears all this unknown, random coloured stuff over my face (sealing my eyes off) and then starts massaging my neck. Every time this happens, I have a nagging suspicion that she could easily break my neck if she wants to. Why anyone would want to murder me is a mystery I never attempt to solve.

And, then, there is this dread of an earthquake or a building collapse when certain instruments are being used on my face. Oh yeah, I even have disturbing images of the result in my mind’s screen if ever such a thing should happen.

As a result, I never really “relax” where I should be at my chilled out best.

Some of the early signs of madness you would say. Being cautious, I would say.

I just hope I will never have to go to the dentist (nice try?). Reliving such imagery in two places in a month does not sound very enticing at all!


Deepa said...

nice one kavity :)
had a dreadful 2-3 weeks because of dentist agonies (little agony caused dentally, balance mentally)
i also feel the SAME way at beauty parlours ! Hurray, less chance we are BOTH mad :)

vinayvasan said...

Heh, agree.. Dentist is majar scary... esp wen they come close to you with all those deadly instruments...

Another such instance would be share auto travel in Hyd... You just trust fate & hope you reach ur destination in one piece & in the same auto :)

Vijay said...

Hmm genuine concerns.. but think about guys getting a shave outside.. you can have your throat slit and the guy can get off citing simple negligence!!! or even the earthquake for that matter, what if a mild one happens when someone is getting a shave done? :P

Nice post, enjoyed reading it..

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

haahaha :) 2 times brushing :)

Kavity said...

@Deepa: Thanks! Glad I have company :)

@Vinay: I would not know about either..

@Vj: Yeah yeah that's what I was wondering when writing this! What would happen to a mustache which is being trimmed if there is an earthquake! And thanks :)

@Banjo: Not always, but sometimes. And absolute no-no to toffees as a child (my parents put major TADA :()

V said...

If you like ice-creams, then going to the dentist albeit once in a while, will be quite a good thing :D Looking at the positive side of it of course!

Shobana aka shobs said...

nice one!I guess most of us could relate to this post.
I always dread going to a dentist. I would have hardly visited them twice or thrice in my entire life....and I know I am risking my teeth big time given its condition :D

excitingjourney said...

Gundu Rao's domain is now shifted to IIM Trichy. He is helping out the newly established IIM there :)

Kavity said...

@V: Despite my love for ice creams, it is going to take me a lot of courage to go anywhere near dentists!

@Shobs: Thanks :)

@Mani: What can I say.. IIM Trichy got lucky. Something like that ;)

Kandarp said...

Haha - might I suggest a way out :

Hold a (spare) scalpel in your hand while closing your eyes. Now it is the dentist's turn to be terrified.

Yogesh said...

Loved the Gundu Rao hyperlink.

And we all knew that you had early signs of madness. Just never had the heart to tell u :P

Kavity said...

@Kandarp: I pity all dentists who come near you :P

@Yogi: Thanks much for the concern :D

Reshma said...

Nice analogy(earthquake). One changes the geography of the "face" of the earth while the other, of the face of the body.