Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ugly Truth

A cup of coffee and a very obliging colleague were all that were needed to break my heart today afternoon.

So, my colleague has an 8-year old son and she was talking about what a handful he is. “You have no clue Kavitha. He has such a bad temper and he shows it all on me,” she said. I just nodded my head in empathetic acquiescence having no inkling to what she was about to say next.

It was then that she dropped the bombshell. “He is a Leo, you know. An August born Leo. An August 15th born Leo. You can imagine.”

Ah well, dear colleague. It is not a funny sight imagining my mom saying those exact same words about me elsewhere.


Vijay Venkat Raghavan said...

And you displayed such remarkable restraint by letting her get away with such a statement. Hopefully the little boy will grow up to be as generous :P

Kavity said...

Aargh! You too :(
I have always been such a "peaceful" and "peace-loving" kid!

Balaji Vasan said...

@Kavi: Wats ur definition of peace? I feel you have mistaken it for something else..

Shrutz said...

Piece loving?


Imagine the statements about Scorpios.

Yogesh said...

And I refuse to believe that you did not spill coffee on her after that :D

Ramya said...

u need to introduce ur colleague to ur mom and us! we'll maker her life a lil easier :P

Kavity said...

Many thanks people, for painting this pretty picture of me. The Leo in me is grateful to all of you!

@Georgy: Uff! How many of you Scorpios have I had to handle in life :P

~Mri said...

In place of "Peace-loving", allow me to reccommend "Harmless Herbivore" :)

Arvind said...

Leo is a fiercely loyal friend, a just but powerful enemy, creative and original, strong and vital-whether he's a quiet or a flamboyant lion, for there are both kinds. He dresses in glorious raiment, appropriate to his colorful per­sonality. We overlook his arrogance, his sometimes in­sufferable ego, his rather ridiculous spells of vanity and laziness, because his heart, like his metal, is pure gold. -- Linda Goodman

I rest my case!

PS: VJ, I loved your comment and Kavitha, your response to that!

Kavity said...

@Mri: Thanks for the support darling

@Arvind: I knew I can always count on a fellow Leo for support!