Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Familiar Chronicles

The first observation Mom makes every time she lands in Delhi is “Oh! Not bad! You are looking clean.”

After that very significant dent to my personal reputation, she goes about “setting the house right” as she calls it. This includes complaints on how that obscure corner in that very unused room is terribly dirty, how the pickle has not been sufficiently refrigerated, how the TV stand is coated with dust – you get the drift.

Then, after bringing my life back to normal, as she likes to think of it, she leaves, happy and contented. She comes back a month or two later, and the cycle repeats.

I hear from friends that am not a unique victim of such torture as this. Apparently, one of my friends’ mothers questions him unfailingly, day in and day out, on the cleanliness of the fan. As if on ground woes are not (de)pressing enough.

Incidentally, Mom was very excitedly telling me over call last night how she got the fans cleaned by the maid before she left and that I do not have to worry about them for some time to come.

Mom, you have no clue what all creatures live inside my air-conditioner, do you?


Yogesh said...

Jeez..and you are supposed to be a girl? :P

BTW, the last statement made me laugh out loud. The AC in our Bombay bedroom used to make funny noises.. Sonia didn't sleep for a week after I jokingly told her that there's probably a rat in the AC :D

Arvind said...

Moms rock!

Kavity said...

@Yogesh: So?
Don't know about rats. However, I have a hunch that lizards like living in ACs :D

@Arvind: Of course!

Evil Yak said...

Same routine this side too. Mine stand nowhere near my Mum's standards of cleanliness. Everytime she sets my house right, i'm only grateful to her. A promise of retaining the status for the next 2 weeks is all she expects from me. :)

- Kalyani

Kandarp said...

Its amazing how all mom's are exactly alike !! Its almost a conspiracy.

Shreya said...

I wonder if I will be as concerned about clean fans when time comes to hand out some of this wisdom ;) Maybe fans will be obsolete by then.

Kavity said...

@Kalyani: I don't commit myself to such promises :P

@Kandarp: Seriously, it is as if these guys interact at some higher level before coming down and grilling us

@Shreya: I am intrigued and would look forward to finding out how you handle your kids on all aspects :D

Anonymous said...

You could resolve all these issues if your mom could see my room :D

Anonymous said...

Vinay Vasan Badri, I don't think anybody has ever seen the room. I mean, when you say room, there are walls and ceilings and such other assorted paraphernalia.

All I have ever seen are (/were) books, clothes, wires, electronic devices, etc. For all you know they could suspended in space.