Thursday, July 08, 2010

What's the good game?

Now that Brazil and Argentina are already out of the game, Germany has lost royally to Spain and the fever is finally going to end this Sunday, am heaving a sigh of relief.

Oh my! What a season it has been.

If you are expecting me to write about the season and if that happens to be the sole reason why you are reading this post, I would suggest you stop right here. No such ‘useful’ things happen on this blog. Ever. Resume your search for WC analysis elsewhere on the web.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who know for sure that I have jack of an idea about any sport in the world, welcome. You are on the right page.

Getting back to the point, it has been a disappointing season for me. Of rejection that is. My friends have refused to meet, pick up calls, or go for movies because ‘QFs are happening this week’ or ‘SF is happening tonight’. They could have just listened to Mr. Paul’s prediction and saved themselves a lot of precious time, me thinks!

I know what’s running through your mind right now.

No, I am not that nerd who just studied and studied all the way through school and college and B-school. It is just that I never got around to doing all the fun sports that I should have ideally done, or followed at the very least. Today, it would have stood me in good stead at office cafeterias and friends’ meets.

Alas! (ruing missed opportunities)

However, is it ever too late to learn? To learn without watching a single match or even TV for that matter (though I am told one doesn’t need a TV to watch these things)?

So, I have consciously started collecting snippets of information through chat conversations with ever-willing-to-impart-knowledge football fans (when they are not busy following ‘em matches). That is how I know that “Del Bosque needs to do something upfront to ensure that Spain wins the WC” (I initially thought he is a player, not a coach :P) and that “Torres has not found his rhythm till now” (I did not even dare to think who he might be, 0.99 is the probability that I would be wrong).

So, there! Now, I too can talk the Cup talk, don’t you dare try scaring me away from coffee table conversations any more with all your ‘football’nical jargon!

P.S. I am really feeling bad for Paul, looks like he won’t survive the season.


Anonymous said...

Haha.. :) Good one! But, I'll tell you what, this Sunday sit down with a bunch of friends and watch the game.. Watch it intently! They don't call it the beautiful game for nothing. :)


Ramya said...

hehe.. was shocked to see first few lines... :P

though am not totally like u (i was a cricket fanatic rememebr :P) i wasnt into football... got interested and strted seeing or atleast following up the next day to be a tiny part in lunch conversations :P and more so got attracted by Mr.Paul... my heartfelt condolences for tht poor chap!!!

P.S.: the real reason behind me trying to follw this is tht cricket can no longer be trusted :P

Yogesh said...

Hmph! You can never be part of the cool 'sports-loving' gang. Never :D

Kavity said...

Well, sounds like a plan! But, it is going to take me a lot of mental strength to implement that.. The last time I saw a football match (for five minutes to be precise, the EPL I think), I was wondering why everyone was falling over the ball :D

'Sports' is not a trustable entity any which case..

You perhaps want to add that I can never be part of any cool gang.. sigh.. look who's talking!

King Vishy said...

lol.. Same blood! I know zilch of football.. And am happy that it's all going to end! :)

saquib said...

;) how are the office coffee conversation now, after your knowledge session with "ever-willing-to-impart-knowledge" football fan?

Rajasekar Carves HERE!! said...

tinge of one of the managerial quality is vividly visible.:P congratulations.:-)

Kavity said...

Thanks for taking up the role of free-consultancy to educate me on Football :)
Coffee table conversations are few and far in between these days. I need to flaunt my skills only today that I am back in office!

I am not this way as a result of management studies. I studied management in the first place 'cos am inherently this way :D

Kavity said...

You bet! I hope they don't start off with some other cup now, once this gets over!

saquib said...

@Kavitha...after WC, it will be time for a brand new season of club football and champions' league... :D

Kavity said...


Am I glad or what that I no longer have to come to loooong chai sessions and listen to enthusiastic analysis of the game by your crowd!
However, please do keep updating me on and off with snippets like "X needs to upgrade his kicking style", "Y needs to revamp his defense style" or some such :D

saquib said...

I bet those match analysis were far far better than the "self-help group" discussions.. :P :D

Kavity said...

Hush hush.. am trying to forget "those" days and move on :P

தக்குடுபாண்டி said...

// welcome. You are on the right page.
// yes i am in the right page now...:P

Shreya said...

You know, I also fail to understand what the big deal about any sport is. If you have to be crazy, then better be crazy about playing it, not watching it.

Kavity said...

Welcome :)

Bang on! All talk and no play I say :D