Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ruminative remembrances

As the years whiz past,
I look back at my acts, small and big
The follies, they seem to be vast
The feats just a minor swig

I rue over missed chances,
Fret over one too many a blunder,
the good fortune and time’s advances
That slipped past me in a flicker

Perhaps am being hard on my soul
A little cynicism, some more pessimism
Has made me cruel
And left me in a chasm

Some day I will reminisce
Those feats, worthy of much adulation
And hail them for my life’s bliss,
good fortune and gratification

Some day, my friend, I will reminisce
Those sweet memories and acts of innocence
That had caused much of my bliss
And bountiful joyance

But, even then, I wouldn’t understand
Whether it was folly or feat
The silly exploits of a child-like mind
That were cause for many a glorious fete.


Yogesh said...

On a poetry-writing spree?

Me likes :)

Kavity said...

Thanks Yogi :)
Yeah on a spree only.. hyper senti mode are there these days :D