Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just another day..

I am at work, sitting in front of my laptop, having my nth Google tab opening up on the Explorer. There are other windows visible on the Taskbar – an Excel, a PowerPoint, a couple of PDFs and a folder. I am rummaging through the folder for some ‘prior knowledge’, not as efficiently as Google which is busily processing the work delegated to it.

I have a STRICT 12 noon deadline for the morrow. I am lucky today. I usually have ASAP deadlines, which are actually deathlines. On such eventful days, at least 3 people stand behind me, peering in to my laptop with tensed looks and grief stricken faces (quite weird and funny), saying, “Boss has closed the laptop, he has put on his blazer, he has picked up the BlackBerry, he is coming towards us”, while I do a quick “sense check” before hurriedly clicking the magic word ‘Print’.

Today, I am bored. There is no one breathing down my neck, no one calling me over to their desks for ‘quick meetings’, no phone calls, no hundred thousand mails. I check ‘BookMyShow’ for tickets to plays and movies. I find everything to be most uninteresting, even Kareena’s bare back. On second thoughts, I guess it is perfectly alright for me to not be interested in her back.

I wonder whether I should Tinker again. There are a couple of ideas floating around in my mind. But, I need YouTube. Oh, damn! It is blocked here.

I check Google Reader once again for some shared items, may be an ‘It Made My day’ link, maybe a ‘Laugh It Out’ picture. I find none and feel let down by my Google Reader pals, who have been inactive for the past 3 hours. I refresh Gmail for the thousandth time. No luck there either. What the hell is everyone doing?

Maybe work?? I suddenly am enlightened (yet again). I open the n+1th Google window. The presentation is waiting to be repopulated, restructured and generally jazzed up (screwed up). The graphs are hanging around aimlessly, the ‘dabba golas’ are at war over which of them should stay and which of them should die. I can hear the deck groaning in agony and pain.

I do not have an option.

It is a STRICT 12 noon deadline.


Shreya said...

U have become a techno wizard

Kavity said...

@ Shreya: The only thing I have become is a couch potato google researcher. The techno wizard part is purely incidental!

மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

hehe..Nice 'product positioning' for your Tinker magazine :) and is the change due to your new found exalted status?

Kavity said...

@ Manikandan: I thought as people move up the corporate ladder, their load would actually increase and they would not have time for things as 'silly' as Google Reader! No?
The way you say 'exalted status', people might actually have other ideas about me :D

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

And you should definitely tinker again :)

Deepa said...

Restless restless Kavity who cannot stay without work :-)

Kavity said...

@ Deepa: Someone is active on FB, blogger and all after long! Very nice to have our Deepa back :)