Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey.. Goodbye Nanba!

'Nanba' is Tam for Friend. The title of this post has been borrowed from the first line of a song from the Tamil version of the popular Maniratnam movie 'Yuva'. The song, incidentally, is about the girl's "special friend".

Sleepless I have been,
Romancing you every night

Music has become oppressive
Books have become painful
Internet does not enthuse me any more

My feeble, almost broken heart,
Thinks of you and you alone
Day in and day out

It has been a short
Albeit vigorous relationship
Between us

Though it is sad to concede
You must have got weary of me by now
How about trying someone else, Mr. Flu?


மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

:) Nice one..

Shreya said...

:) u have the flu? Me too!

vinayvasan said...

Well earlier people used to comment for an improbable event as "Yeah and pigs fly".. Well the past tense of that has become Swine Flu :O

Kavity said...

@ Mani: Thanks :)

@ Shreya: Same Pinch :P

@ Vinay: Real PJ! However, maybe good forme! Even my flu would have got worked up seeing this and decided to "fly" away! :D