Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To whomsoever it may concern

(can safely be discarded as absurdly arbit)

Dear XYZ,

Please understand that the human race is, by and large, heterogeneous (unsure about other races). That’s why we are as we are – dissatisfied almost all the time.

I do not like the way someone has done something, ‘cos I have thought it out differently in my head. I forever want to complain, crib and cry about A’s inefficiency, B’s arrogance, C’s aggression and D’s imperfection, conveniently forgetting my own shortcomings.

However, I check myself just in time. I remind myself that as long as things fall in place in terms of “the larger picture”, it is alright. That’s how I have convinced myself all these years. And, that’s how I intend to convince myself for the rest of my life.

You, my dear XYZ, have a different perspective on life. You think that the whole world or at least, your world is a doll house which can be operated with a remote control specially designed by and for you. Truth is always bitter but,
fortunately for me and unfortunately for you, I don’t think even God has such a remote control.

Or, maybe, I am wrong. You perhaps have elevated me to a higher pedestal. But contrary to your belief,
fortunately for you and unfortunately for me, I am NOT telepathic. Rather, I am just plainly pathetic when it comes to observing people and second guessing what they might or might not be thinking.

Whatever may be the reason, when you do not like something that someone has done, you complain, crib, cry and generally throw a tantrum around the place. Since I am on the other side, I listen patiently to you and force myself to think your way. But,
unfortunately for you and unfortunately for me, your friend who is on your side thinks altogether differently. And, on it goes till we realize how many unproductive hours, days, weeks and months have been wasted on trying to decide whether we should use a yellow cab or a blue cab to go from place 1 to place 2.

So, I suggest that the next time you want to find fault, which is the only thing you have ever done in your life anyway, you may please go ahead and do it. Of course you do not need my permission for doing what you are best at doing. I just thought I would let you know that I have figured out your game. I, by no means, will try stopping it, for, unlike you, I accept that the human race is heterogeneous.

Warm Regards


Denzil said...

If only i knew the person to whom it was directed, it would have been a much more interesting read, unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, i do not know the "whomsover". :)

Kavity said...

See, the XYZ has not been used to mask someone's name. The letter is generic, and is addressed to more than one person. Some people might behave this way in some situations, others might behave this way in all situations. This letter is addressed to all those people. The XYZ might even be me, in some situations :)

Vignesh said...

OMG! I could feel the frustration!!! I have a lot of ppl in my contact list to send this mail and as you have mentioned maybe I should CC myself!

Kavity said...

@ Vignesh: None of us like acknowledging all this all the time though :)

Anonymous said...

Wah so much vitriol.. Very elegantly put if it can be said..

Kavity said...

@vinay: Thanks:)

Bihag Bhatt said...

Phoolan, Don't forget your gun?


Kavity said...

@ 'Butt'ah: Need to practice.. When do we meet?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

I am scared for all who have cheesed you off :)

Kavity said...

@ Banjo: I am too! They dare not cross my path again :D