Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Observations

How many B – school grads does it take to fix a projector?
Twenty to strategize, advise and attempt; one IT support person to actually fix it.

One day, twenty of us had assembled in the conference room for a presentation. For a long time, we were unable to commence the presentation because the projector didn’t seem to be working. The twenty of us devised different strategies and “envisaged implementing a varied set of solutions” to fix the projector. At that precise moment, a lady from the IT Support Team walked in and removed the protective heat absorbing glass from the focusing lens.

Friends Vs Colleagues

When friends get together, lay offs, the impact of recession and the ‘worst is over’ phenomenon put together take the first place, with an extended gossip on the current relationship status of various people we know taking second place. If we have a little bit of time left amidst discussions on who attended the alumni meet and who is looking at quitting, we talk about what is happening in our lives too.

When colleagues get together, not the dominant but the only thing we do is crib. And, the fact that we are not the only ‘miserable ones’, as we think of ourselves to be, makes the meeting so much more sweeter.
It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.

The quote is not mine, and I am NOT going to go romping all over the internet trying to figure out the ‘Source:’ to be included in Arial, Italics, Font Size 8 at the end of this post. The content is not going to change either ways. If I am going to actually
tell the emperor that he is naked, I would be branded a dim – wit and banished from the kingdom forever, as I am not an Emperor. Period.


Anonymous said...

Well when friends meet, we start off cribbing and then decide its the same story elsewhere also ala same shit different day and then move on to other things...

Or we have cribbed so much to others off line that when we meet we realize its all been said n done before

sidhu said...

Well, they dont seem that random to me. :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Yes, Plato knew that we can reduce our sorrow by looking at others :)

Kavity said...

@ vinay: Dei, u, samba and katrix were born to crib da. I did not consider you guys in the set :D

@ sidhu: ;) is all i can do now

@ Banjo: The ever philosophical :)

Shrutz said...

Loved the blog, Kavity. Especially #2. The gossip rocks!

Kavity said...

@ shrutz: Thanks :) I know you would always agree on the gossip part :D

Arvind said...

Loved #1.. Lol.. MBA Grads!!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong, But i presume the prime objective of the MBA degree is to project a person to be a lot smarter than he actually is!!!

PS - I'm yet to pursue my MBA
PPS - Can't wait to get my hands on that damn degree!!! If not anything else, I can atleast confidently feign intelligence!!! ;)

Kavity said...

@ Arvind: The place where I earned my degree from actually brought me back to earth, showed me how abundantly talented the world is and taught me humility. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be fulfilling this objective with junta in general. Or perhaps, I was wrong all along. Like how you said, the primary objective of the degree might actually be to help one confidently feign intelligence. In that case, you have just helped me realise whattay terrible failure I am :D