Thursday, August 14, 2008

The vela-vettis of life: Some clarifications

When do people blog? OK, I will restrict this question to myself. When do I blog? I got thinking about this after going through comments on some of my posts written at various points of time in these two years.

Quite a sizeable amount of my readers have commented, “Are you so vela/vetti that you are blogging about this (referring to the subject matter of the post)?”

For the uninitiated, vela and vetti are different ways of saying ‘jobless’.

In fact, I would say that my readers are hopelessly wrong when they ask me such a question. I do NOT blog when I am jobless. Laziness consumes me so much at such times that I just loll on the couch reading a book and dozing off. And, this jobless-funda does not even apply to my life anymore. I blog on these ‘apparently’ vela-vetti topics in the cab on my way to office and back home.

No, I did not write this post in a cab. It is too small for such a longish ride I thought. So I wrote it during lunch time at office.


Kartik said...

i blog when suddenly something straang comes up. or towards month-end, so that there is at least one entry for that month ;)

happy b'day :)

kavity said...

@kartik: thank you :)