Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The whole world looks bleak with no rhyme or reason
There is nothing to look back at, nothing to look forward to
My frustrated screams spare not even trees and walls
A nasty voice in my head says, “No one really cares about you”
I question existence, this fight for nothingness
Sometimes, sometimes
A wave of loneliness consumes me amidst a sea of people
Just at those times comes that call
A few minutes of arbit talk
Some cribs, a little nostalgia
And then happens sunshine
The world turns a tad rosier, the day a little pleasant
My heart gets filled with love for things animate and inanimate
Life is beautiful after all

Inspired by a conversation with K about J;
Dedicated to M, D, J, V, B and many others who make my life beautiful


Deepa said...

Very nicely written ! Yet another good poem from you :)

Also intrigued by ur profile - cities & states galore :)

Jagdish said...

Kats!! im speechless..
no words to express my feelings..

Actually, what uve written is right.. thinking of my work presently with Birla Sunlife, the only motivation to smile daily is people like u and few others who take out some time from their 'supposedly' busy schedules n help me forget the crappy work im doing. Life wud hv been miserable had it nt been fr people like u who directly n indirectly say 'we care'. Thanks :)

Now commenting on ur writing, the style is superb.. astoundingly mind blowing.. u r a genuine poet at heart. Brilliant.

மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

Good poem kavitha..reminds me of your gtalk tagline sometime back.."Be's still a beautiful world after all"..will come back and the read the poem sometimes :) when i need it..

RK said...

Super appu!

kavity said...

@all: Thanks for the praises

@Deepa: Earlier it used to be Chennai/ Bangalore, now it is this way. I do hope that it never becomes one city alone :)

Shrutz said...

:) friends.

Random traveler said...

There is a fighting spirit to survive.
Else you wont fight this hard
There is always hope if you fight it out..
And there is always light at the end of the tunnel..

Carpedium said...

Hi,Landed here when going thro other blogs..Nice Poem.
A nasty voice in my head says, “No one really cares about you”. Sometimes i too hear this Nasty Voice ;)