Tuesday, October 02, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things..

• Long bike rides
• Rich chocolate cakes
• Honey dipped ice cream
• Laughing over nothing
• Unexpected surprises
• Expected ones too
• Talking arbit
• Nice, warm hugs
• Playing UNO into the night, losing pathetically, occasionally winning as well
• An ipod which says ‘Life is beautiful’
• 8 hours sleep
• Memories of good times
• Being ‘kavity’
• Fresh flowers
• The pink theme
• Multitasking on chat windows
• Teasing friends to death
• ‘Bummy’
• Writing scandalous testimonials
• Getting nice ones in return
• Looking at someone's face glow with happiness when I give that "oh-so-important-to-me" gift
• ‘From Rahman for Bosnia’
• Marine Drive on a star lit night, with me, the sea and not much in between
• Being pampered to the extent of feeling like a kid
• Coming up with innovative status messages and generally feeling noticeable
• Watching a favorite movie on T.V., even though I have a D.V.D. of it
• Writing long letters filled with loads of love, affection and what not
• Reading more than writing 'em long letters
• Heavy rains, Sunday afternoon, a hot plate of 'bhajjis', a book in hand
• Fighting with Mom and then giving up
• Fighting with friends and never giving up
• Last day of exams
• An earth shakingly clean room, filled with stuff carefully picked by me
• Night walks near 'Whispering Teaks'
• Expressive greeting cards
• Friends who take complete ownership over me
• Lot of people, heavy traffic and a general sense of well being and belonging
• GTalk at 4 in the morning
• Public holidays
• Public holidays immediately after a Sunday
• Dandiya during Diwali - if not dance, at least watch!!
• Sweets, sweets and more sweets
• Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates
• Packages of brownies that come all the way from Mumbai to Bangalore, packed with more than just brownies
• Shopping on Linkin Road
• Destination airports
• Shoulders that are always ready for my resting head and endless tears
• Sometimes Marketing
• Even more so Consumer Behavior
• Generally dressing up
• Of late, stoles
• And always, blogging!!


Ramya said...

hey kavi...

cute list... reminds me of rain drops on roses...

and few interesting ones too.. :P

nice to see u blog dear... keep writing

ivak said...

thanks rams.. yes.. was written with inspiration from our dear own "raindrops on roses"

Teal™ said...

Hey ur list is eerily similar to mine ... thot u'd have posted something on gandhigiri .. phew thank god it wasnt so! :)
always nice to see a fellow D.A.V-ian in the blogger realm.

SMS said...

Nice one!
This is the real bullet point post than the previous.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Reallly sweet list ;) Many things in common:)...but ofcourse u were enterprising enough to list em out :D

The fact that u have so many favourites show how much you enjoy and make the best of life. Great going gal...continue to welcome such live moments wit open arms :)

Balaji Vasan said...

Nice one kavi... Too loong a list.. :P..

B for Bihag said...

Nice list. It was common but then of course Marketing and ConB figured. Two things I dread. ;D

ivak said...

thanks everybody for painstakingly going through my list:) and yes, very understandable Bihag.. if you draw up a list called "these are a few of my nightmarish things".. i figure these two will be on top of the list not to mention a third one :P

Pradeep said...

nice post! very sweet!

Yogesh said...

Writing scandalous testimonials!!!

Who would know better than me! :(

Yelena said...

Well said.