Friday, March 31, 2006

Too silly????

Today was a remarkable day. Thats what i thought immediately on leaving college. It was one of those days when everything seemed to be working ultra proper. Man, I had at last finished my project and shown a working demo to my guide and even satisfied her with it.

Is'nt that a great accompolishment? is all I kept telling myself again and again and so absorbed was I with my "accompolishment" that I forgot that I was damn too hungry and promptly came to the bus stop and took the first bus that came there. But, yeah, though blinded by happiness, I still managed to board the bus that would take me home. Now, how was I to know that that would'nt happen?

Well, for all the nice things that had happened to me today, now, now, can I use "all the" cos the demo was the only thing that had at all happened till the evening, but anyway, getting back to where i left it, for all the or some of the or one of the nice things that happened to me, I got "battered" in just two hours time.

In a sense of de ja vu, I got into that bus and then realised that I was the only person standing and deemed to be for the next 45 minutes, thanks to our beloved CM. Now, you people must have started wondering where she fits into the entire picture. And maybe connected the title with this fact and got really very confused as to how I journeyed with our beloved CM. Sorry folks!!! You are terribly wrong. Actually, she was or was supposed to be coming on the other side of the road and her dutiful followers had all but blocked the road in order to give her a rousing welcome. Net result, me poor girl stood inside the bus a good 45 minutes and then got a seat only to know that the bus was not headed home.

As is the case most of the time in our city, a major diversion had been charted out to ensure the free flow of Amma's vehicle and we got lots. Yeah, you read it right. All of us inside the bus, including the conductor and the driver, along with the bus, got lost. For, none of us knew where the road on which we were going was headed. But, people like me, who had little experience with the 'n' number of roads in Chennai, except for their usual source and destination, had a field day today. The bus went through innumerable streets and roads, small and big, but, yeah, mostly small and crooked only. I was, like any good daughter, making a mental note of all the roads we were travelling across, and giving a running commentary to my mother. But, at one point of time, I really got very worried. The address out there was Mettupalayam. Now, if I remember right, with the feeble geographical knowledge I have, that's a place at the foot of Ooty. Tell me honestly, if you were in such a vulnerable position as me, would'nt you panic? Well, I dont know about you, but being the highly sane person I am, I did and before I could voice out my concern, we were onto a familiar road. What kind of magic was that? is all I could muse and muse I did with of course with no real knowledge gained.

Though familiar it was, we still were not seeming to be taking the familiar route and by hook or crook or god's grace or Amma's luck, I reached home but fom the opposite direction. I say Amma's luck cos, if I had got lost really, I would'nt have spared her. Now, I said that in a haste. What really can I do? At the most, I may vote for someone else. But does that make any difference to her? I understand what would be running through all your minds just now. What silly girl this is who would'nt vote for someone cos she got stranded in the traffic due to that person. Now, I am not really that silly, am I? I will give you the other reasons.

Hey, but wait a minute. What was the purpose of this post when I started it? To make it as funny as possible. Now this seems to have turned into some kind of political analysis. I cant allow that. But, now that I have typed this much, I really cant not post it cos it doesnt sound funny. Thats too silly, is'nt it????


Ramya Rajachandrasekar said...

hey i can understand da...its highly irritating to get irritaed after something good hapens...anyway chillax....we ppl bein here in chennai rite from strt should always expect such delays....god knows when all this will change!

Calligenia said...

I understand ur frustration....of not being able to celebrate ur success .....esp after the succesful demo of ur project.....but think positively ...even if u d landed in mettupalayam dont u think it wud ve been a greater victory???