Sunday, November 20, 2016

Why we should mock, stalk and quarrel

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
If there is one inspiration I have had in using sarcasm as the foundation to sum up the learnings of life, it is G B Shaw's writings.

Sarcasm and satire are powerful tools in breaking the all-is-well myth, shaking up the general public to the realities of on-ground struggles and hitting hard where it hurts, yet maintaining an element of humour and light-heartedness in getting the message across. And, after all, no good tool ever goes wrong.

Mock, Stalk & Quarrel (MSQ), a collection of short stories, is one such execution of sarcasm and satire, that emanated from a nationwide contest conducted by Readomania. The book consists of 29 stories penned down by a diverse crowd of authors, seasoned and first-time,  voicing the stark realities and empty promises of our establishment and society, and the impact on lives that matter. 

The stories range from corruption to bureaucracy, religious fundamentalism to nepotism, as they attempt to wage an ideological war against issues that matter. 

Going back to Shaw's quote above, our attempt with this endeavour has been to communicate, and communicate in powerful packets, what's running and ruining the world, while steering clear of trying to create illusions that matter not. Also, in this fast paced world of ever changing internet sensations and fads, of rising and falling billion dollar valuations, what better way to communicate than in short stories that you, our reader, can relate to and absorb, while you munch on those quick fix sandwiches and take-away coffees, on your way to work.

MSQ launches on the following dates in Delhi and Kolkata. Do pop in to be part of the celebrations. 

  1. Delhi launch - 25th November - 6.30pm - IIFT Auditorium, Qutab Industrial Area
  2. Kolkata launch - 26th November - 5pm - Kolkata Press Club, Dufferin Road, Maidan
Also, keep following our Facebook page for regular updates on the launch, contests and most importantly, on how to get your hands on copies of the book.


Anupama Jain said...

Succinct and to the point. Loved it

Santosh said...

This is lovely and pointed!