Friday, May 27, 2016

An evening by the sea

Which is your favourite sun? The early morning one easing you out of dreams, the mid afternoon one sending you off to sleep, or the rainbow maker, sprinkling its surprise rays amidst a soothing drizzle?

My favourite sun is the 7 pm one, an orangish round ball playing peekaboo behind that screen of clouds, swaying in harmony to the beats of the waves, an approving smile on his face at my date with twilight, with a mild and calm wink reminding me that night is 'round the corner. 

As he slowly sinks into the horizon, retiring for the night, the sea blanket tucking him to bed, she rises, the queen of the night, casting a warm yet cool glow on her subjects - those lovers holding hands whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, those boisterous children running around with rubber balls and plastic bats, a walker here, a gymnast there - and on it goes, another moonlit evening by the sea. 

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