Thursday, March 31, 2016

A to the Z to the A to the Z

Writing is no science, it is in fact an art. That's what I have believed in my heart all these years, and that has made me succeed quite well - succeed in fine tuning the already fine art of procrastination. Inspiration from nature, silence of the mind, and imagination springing out of nothing have been things I have been waiting for, for a few months now. And, suddenly, when I login to the blog after these few months, my whole life flashes in front of me, a movie that was untold because I was waiting for the art to pop-up from somewhere.

So, this year, I have decided that I will shift gears, from art to science. And, I have registered for the April A-Z blogging challenge. The next 30 days, and 26 blog posts, will all be science. Alphabetical writing, daily writing, writing whether or not I have anything to write at all, and writing, whether or not I would like to write anymore at all.

Because, more writing was never worse off than less writing, and a little bit of science never killed the art in it.

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