Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The rise and...

You piggy-backed on someone else’s Lokpal movement to start a political party. I was amused.

You attracted well-educated professionals to join a sector that was up until then believed to be a gutter best avoided. I was mildly interested.

You emerged as a significant threat to the grand old parties of our country. I was proud of the Delhi electorate for having the guts to look for change. 

You became one of India’s youngest chief ministers, without dynasty support or caste allegiances. I was happy such things could happen in what some people have called a banana republic.

You forgot you are a CM who needs to handle issues with diplomacy, and instead took to the streets like a common protestor, with scant regard for the common man’s inconveniences. I was mildly irritated.

You, the well-educated, highly qualified common man, should know the meaning of a Republic. You should know that it is a proud moment for the millions of Indians to celebrate all that we have achieved in the 6+ decades of our existence. You should have the maturity to be able to handle issues without making people feel guilty for celebrating what is truly ours. You, of all people, should know that celebrating our achievements doesn't equate ignoring our predicaments. 

Remember, you will not be a CM in one of the largest democracies in the world if we had decided to ignore the meaning of republic, democracy and independence.

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girija said...

True very true. He should have dealt the situation with a maturity of mind & dignity. What a fall AK !! Taking to the streets & causing embarassment to the same commom man whom he is voicing for is atrocious. Mr AK must know all eyes are on him since Delhites have dared to give him the reigns .