Saturday, August 03, 2013

Some may call it love

Dear SRK,

Love is a beautiful feeling. And, it is very flattering to note that you love us so much, and want to remember us at every walk of life.

I thought it started off very well. You attempted speaking our mother tongue in our very own “Ulaga Nayagan”s movie. And then you screwed it up. You screwed it up so badly that I had to mute scenes that starred you in that movie forever afterwards. I wonder why no one gave you flak for that. We always get so much flak for not getting our ‘ha’s right in your precious language. You, on the other hand, were appreciated for having attempted what this country thinks is some remote and nondescript language.

Anyway, I thought that would be the end of it, and we would all move on with life.

But, you did not stop. You don’t seem to have understood that there is a very thin line between love and obsession. Of late, I have started worrying about your irrational obsession with us. It wouldn’t worry me so much if it was not so inaccurate and farcical.

Really? You think we have our noodles with curd? YUCK. That movie bombed. And, I hoped that was the end of you messing with our identities.

Now, you come up with this? Kathakali dances, lungi tribute to Rajini and a very irritating Deepika Padukone talking some gibberish that passes off as Tamil in a movie atrociously named Chennai Express. When the hell have you seen Rajini dancing in a lungi in his movies? And there is a world of a difference between the Tamilian Bharatnatyam and the Mallu Kathakali. By the way, one cannot stand Deepika Padukone’s Hindi dialogue delivery. What made you think her speaking Tamil would fly?

I hope this one bombs too, and while it bombs, puts some sense into your head to stop messing with us. We have enough artistes and performers doing us proud and going global, we do not need wannabe imports from Bollywood misrepresenting who we are.

Yours sincerely,
An irate Tamilian who does not reciprocate your love

P.S. Per Yogi's allegation that I have become too stereotypical and dead boring, I started out attempting humor. But, it has turned out to be an angst-filled crib session. Some people never change after all.


Evil Yak said...

Well put. I hope this one bombs too.

RK said...

Dunno what to be mad at! This guy's antics or people asking me why Tamils have coconut lassi! ##@£##££#!

Yogesh said...

Lol.. please, that wasn't an allegation at all. I was just missing your funny posts. Peace?

And, while I hate SRK and all his stupid antics from the core of my heart, and however pathetic the movie is gonna be, it still is gonna make several hundred crores all right (remember Ra.One?)..

Good post, loved it and sharing it :P

Shrutz said...

And why would you want to change, Cribbita?

Kavity said...

Thanks guys, for sharing the angst.

@Shrutz: I never mentioned I "want" to change. It was more of an observation acknowledging the fact to the general public.

Shreya said...

Haha. SRK is the pits. I was appalled at the curd-noodle thing too. How arrogant is he to think he can get away with zero research and non-existent effort. However agree with Yogi, this movie's gonna make millions. And you know what, I am harboring a secret (not anymore) sneaking desire to go watch it. Maybe it's stooping to the LCM for cheap thrills, maybe it's for the pleasure of having something to trash royally, but it's there alright :(