Sunday, May 26, 2013

Small talk

Me: Hey, what do you think of this whole Phaneesh Murthy fiasco?

V (looking bored): Well, he seems to be the only colorful guy in an otherwise lackluster industry.

Me (really not expecting that): Umm.. yeah.. That’s an interesting way of looking at it. But, still, didn’t you find the whole thing a little stupid, especially when done twice over?

V (still disinterested): That’s quite obvious. You do have a knack for stating facts that are already staring us in the eye.

Me: Oh please. It is the art of small talk. I wish the art could be taught to some people I try having conversations with.

V (uberly tired of the talking, and gazing elsewhere): You could try that.

Me (still persisting): I read somewhere that he had sold a bulk of his shares last month. Don’t you think he saw this coming?

V (with feverish excitement): That’s bad. That’s really bad. That is very very bad.

Me: Wow! So, in this whole episode, the only point that has shaken you is the money.

V (dismissively): Obviously. That seems to be the only interesting aspect of the issue. 


Vijay said...

Occupational hazards!

Shreya said...

Haha. Can just imagine this conversation happening in my head. Btw cute how you've tagged it under 'Family Matters' :)

Kavity said...

@Vijay: It is clearly a hazard, occupational or otherwise! :)

@Shreya: Sharp woman you have always been ;)

Bihag Bhatt said...

Cribbita, You should read Disclosure from Michael Chrichton if you haven't already.

Yogesh said...

There are many more disturbing things about the episode. While I have definitely not taken the pains to go through the entire details, I find it amusing that a lady, who knowingly has physical relationship with a married man with history of sexual harassment, and gets pregnant, can sue the company (and not only the perpetrator) for compensation.

Deepa and Srinath said...

Nice. Total nostalgia (actually whats the word for "continuing nostalgia" ??). In similar domestic settings, my better half usually answers with "most of the time I have nothing to respond, if I disagree with you, I will tell you"

Eerily similar ? :-P

Srinath said...

"Deja Vu"