Tuesday, December 25, 2012

One tight slap

The noise is waning down. The Twitterati is starting to focus on other pressing #theekhai trends. The blame game is on, a few high level suspensions inclusive.

Armchair enthusiasts have finished reading all available internet literature on the subject. Some of the enterprising lot have also opined long and strong on personal blogs and Facebook posts.

Coffee table conversation is moving on to Sachin’s retirement, amongst other worldly items of interest.

I, for my part, have “liked” Faking News’ many a dig at the administrative atrocities. It has been a mechanical job, really. There has been a sense of shame and guilt for not participating enough in the protests, either virtually or physically, but I can live with it. I have lived with the guilt of non-participation for long now.

Grey’s Anatomy is on, a repeat of last night’s telecast. I switch channels, landing on a Tam serial. The scene focuses on a young-ish middle class couple, the woman in question telling the man he hasn’t bought her enough gold jewels in four years of married life. The man seems bugged, has no patience to put up with the nagging and slaps her right across the face. The woman shuts up, just making a wry face, as if this is a natural way to end an argument and continues cooking. The man walks out, having achieved win-win. No crying, no drama. It looks like just another day in a normal household.

I switch channels again, landing on a Hindi serial this time. Two apparently vile ladies are spreading rumors about town on how the heroine in question should take up widowhood, wear a white sari, and sit at home without participating in any celebrations ever afterwards, as her husband has been missing for over two months now and is presumed dead.

I am a little more than disgusted by now, but relentless in my pursuit, switch channels again, this time landing on news. The transport minister of the AP cabinet is just remarking that, India getting freedom in the middle of the night doesn’t give Indian women the leeway to roam about the roads in the middle of the night.

I begin to wonder whether it might be a good idea to have warnings similar to “Smoking is injurious to health”, before movie screenings and during serial and news telecasts. Something on the lines of “Respect women as equals”, “Slapping women is injurious to mankind”, “Raping women will send you directly to hell” is what my mind is on to.

Meanwhile, the victim is still battling for life, on and off the ventilator, losing her organs in complicated surgeries, every other day. Elsewhere, a few more women are being raped, one every eighteen hours, just in Delhi, if news stories be believed.

I am already thinking whether traveling alone by cab in the middle of the night is sensible any more. I am also questioning whether I would have the balls to file a complaint with the police, if I am sexually assaulted or worse still, raped. Even if I tried to, I guess I would end up in the wrong police jurisdiction and be hammered around quite a bit before I can figure out the right place to file a complaint in, in this complicated country.

Perhaps, it would be a prudent idea for every Indian woman to sit at home as a nagging housewife without roaming around the streets in the middle of the night and get slapped if she speaks out of turn. At least then, the woman can only be raped legally and not otherwise. And, there is so much more honor in that.


Shreya said...

Terrible situation. The mothers of these men who go around disrespecting women in varying degrees and treat them as objects to relieve their sorry pent-up sexual frustrations in, have done such a very very lousy job. I entirely blame the upbringing. Parents of such men should also get life imprisonment for not being more conscientious towards their assigned responsibility.

Haddock said...

without roaming around the streets in the middle of the night ?
What about day time? It may not be safe in broad day light too.
And to add insult to injury our President's son shoots off his mouth.

Yogesh said...

The irony is that even after all the protesting and assurances of action / steps from all corners, newspapers in every city seem to carry new stories of sexual assualt, gang-rape and violence against women everyday. Who's taking up the cause for these women?