Monday, May 23, 2011

A bride chronicled

(very senti and completely personal)

Completely in charge, full of fun, frolic and laughter, talking random stuff in that typical, assertive, know-it-all tone – this is not how the ideal bride is usually described.

Well, S being S, one could have expected little else.

No ma’am, not the shyness for her. Nor even the tension. Nor, that little bit of agitation.

There she was, 2 hours before her wedding ceremony was to begin, introducing everyone to everyone else. “This is P, he is a CA; this is A, she is an architect”. It did seem like she was trying to do some ‘Aisha’ level match-making even at an hour such as that.

To the most beautiful woman I have ever known: You looked absolutely stunning, your attitude added thrice as much to your beauty. I am sure the dark and stormy night was only the sky roaring in jealousy seeing you get married. There were many reasons why we enjoyed the wedding. Funnily enough, the most important reason was your electrifying and adorable presence amidst us till the very last moment.


Deepa said...

Agree. Coolest bride on the planet,nevertheless because of minute level preparations uptill such time that enabled the last minute cool !

Baishakhi Connor said...

I can so visualise her being exactly how u describe it! I wish I wish I wish I could be there :(

Anonymous said...

Missed it :(

Shreya said...

Thankeeeeee! :D