Sunday, February 14, 2010

Very well Connected

Last week, I updated my FB profile with this status message, “Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!” That was an after math of seeing ‘The Dark Knight’.

Of late.. by the way, more than one English stud (people who go beyond the GRECATGMAT stuff) has confirmed that ‘off late’ is wrong English. It is ‘of late’, for heaven’s sake!

Where was I? Oh yeah, of late, I have been doing this update thingy pretty regularly. First, anything of interest is put up diligently on FB, where inevitably, someone or the other likes it (since all of them are, safely enough, popular movie dialogues or quotes from PGW’s and the likes).

I also copy the updates to Twitter, and then, GTalk too. For, showing off thrice to the same people that I saw that movie or read that book is such an ‘Oh my God Wow’ feeling.

Now, there is Buzz as well to add to the bandwagon. I just love this whole idea of letting the world know about what am doing every second in office (Buzz has not yet been blocked), which ranges from opening my laptop to cleaning up my Desktop to deleting mails from Infrastructure Journal to reading and following up on updated links on Google Reader to.. yeah, you can read the rest on my Buzz updates.

It makes me feel so connected with all of you, that I can comfortably do away with hard feelings like missing people anymore! Reminded of which, yesterday, I was telling a friend of mine about this amazing game called ‘Connect!’

I digress. Nevertheless, let me finish it off.

I was telling him about ‘Connect’ and he impulsively rued, “I have never played this game on FB. Let me check it out.” For all of you who found that reaction to be totally normal.. Surprise! Surprise! You cannot find that game on FB, it is not there yet. Such games do exist – ones that are not accredited by Facebook. This is just one of those plain Jane type games that are played in real life by real people.

Getting back to the subject matter, oh god (!), it is time already. It’s been an HOUR since I updated my well connected networks. Enough of giving attention to the Blog. Time to get some attention for myself!


J a G z said...

this was random max!!!!!!!! or arbit max!!
donno what to call it...
consumed hell of my energies in trying to figure out what... was reminded of MNIK.. went thru the same feeling yesterday on watching it..

hahahaha........ i know u r angry max now reading my comment.... chilll!!
kiddding :)

Kavity said...

@ Jags: Oh no no, I like being called what I am - Arbit :D

And, I completely agree on MNIK being slisha random :)

J a G z said...

shud admit, with all this randomness too, u knoe very welll how to handle it

Archana Kumar said...

toooooo much!!!!
thot thr wud b something interesting like ur other arbit posts...y shd I be subjected to dis mokkainesss early in the morning(poor me) ?

Kavity said...

@ Jags: thank u :D

@ Archu: Doesn't matter, it is not like you are doing some path breaking stuff otherwise. Stay put and read whatever Arbitness is churned out :D

Deepa said...

Aah ! i cannot even claim i had better things to do ;-)

Anonymous said...

Buzz Off :)

PS: I hope I was arbit enuf :P

Kavity said...

@ Deepa: Grass greener other side? Me too ;)

@ Vinay: Yes, nothing out of the ordinary..

Shreya said...

I never see your status msgs on FB! Where do u hide them!

Kavity said...

@ S: Tut tut.. simple.. no time for ordinary people like me!