Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What matters really?

What matters really?
Mulls a dear ally
Instantly I respond
Peace and absolute calm

Why oh why?
I introspect as I go by

Why does the action girl
want all the peace in the world?
Why does the fighter in me
wish to retreat so soon and let it all be?

Have I got worn down
with all the madness in “tinsel” town?
Or been caught unaware
by the terrible storm that blew me out of my lair?

Perhaps peace is that elusive object
I have desired and obtained this instant
Perhaps what really matters
varies across life’s chapters

Will there come a time when nothing really matters anymore?

(Inspired by an e mail thread between some friends including the introspective D and the philosophical J)


A Random Traveller said...

Nothing will really matter when you will care for nothing anymore..But sadly, at the moment, you stop being a human.

Some one said, "we smile and cry because, we love"...

Kavity said...

Probably nothing will matter any more even when you have everything that always mattered to you and the security of never having to lose any of it.. which is just hypothetical.. 'cos in real situations, not always do material things matter to us, but as you said, love for fellow beings.. and the fear of death can always make sure that we can never reach the 'nothing matters' stage..
Ok, I think am getting arbitly philosophical these days :)
How have you been?

A Random Traveller said...

You are right! The inevitable killer called time!! I always feel being pursued by smiling assasin - TIME. :)

Myself, grappling along, in my own self gratified existence. A kind of a vacuum..