Friday, December 19, 2008

An announcement, maybe

I began this blog in early 2006. I had no particular agenda, no theme really in mind when I started writing. I don’t have one still. And, it has worked out fairly well so far. I write when I feel like it, predominantly about issues surrounding me, my likes and dislikes, my perspectives on the world in general – a lot of globe, so to say. I have enjoyed the freedom this ‘globe’ has given me.
But, for a few months now, I have had this increasing urge to put in to writing, a subject that I get quite high on. And just the thought of it has made me feel good. So, I have finally decided to start another blog, too.
The difference this time around is that I have an agenda and the blog will stick to a particular theme. That means the new blog gets a little more professional too. It will not host posts that are doled out in half an hour to one hour’s time with the first thing that gets in to my head.
So, what happens to the existing blog? It will exist as usual, hosting stuff that is as arbit as it has always been while I “solemnly promise” to try to be a little more frequent with the arbitness.
Oh, by the way, I had an agenda for this post, the first time I have ever had an agenda on Namesake and that was to market 'Tinker Mag'azine :)
So long!


மணிகண்டன் (Manikandan K S) said...

All the best!!

I was able to decipher why it is a 'Tinker Mag'azine thanks to your earlier post :)

kavity said...

Thanks Mani :)
Yeah you are bang on! The previous post would have been useful to decipher the name of the blog :D