Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The perils of a school life

I am from one of these amazing schools in Chennai, which used to churn out state and national toppers, among other things. Other than exciting tasks like studying and studying more, “We had joy, We had fun, We had seasons in the sun”. Let me describe one of the main aspects of my school which makes it a really special place. It was an all girls’ school. And, no, it was not a convent. We had co-education till 5th standard and then were separated so that we would grow up to be pious, disciplined men and women. And, man, wasn’t it fun!

When I was suddenly thrown into a college with a more than fair share of boys around, I went almost paranoid. Though my friends claim that I do not behave like a person from a girls’ school (Yeah, I love giving myself such footage and yes, I am a Leo), I still remember those days when harmless comments from guys used to make me go mad with anger. And, looking back at all of it today, if not for a couple of male friends who made sure that I got comfortable with them, I might still remain the same, confused, unaccustomed to the real world, lost woman that I was the first day I entered college and never bloomed into the 'kavity' I am today.

I have heard people describe all women’s colleges and all girls’ schools as fun places as one has some kind of freedom which apparently gets restricted due to inhibition when one is in a co-education environment. I would tend to think of it on different lines, rather. If a kid, right from kindergarten, has been used to moving along with kids of both genders, then there is no question of inhibition. The factor of inhibition gets in only when there is a sense of unfamiliarity, which is definitely going to be a high possibility in case of an adolescent who is moved from a same gender school to a co-educated one.

In my opinion, a same gender school is one of the worst demons to a healthy childhood and a wholesome adolescence and acts as a major roadblock to what we all call, “gearing up for the real world”.

P.S. I did not intend to take digs at my school in this post. It was really a special school, and except for this one aspect, it made me an amazingly wholesome person laying down the foundation for what I am today.


Archana Kumar said...

Kavi, I remember both of us discussing abt dis sometime...but idhai pathi blog ezhudhara allavuku nee joblessa iruppanu naa edhir parkalai ;)

Varun S said...

@archana: Blog ezhudaradhe vettiya irukkum bodhu dhana?

Anonymous said...

well said!


Anita said...

Nice article. I love our school very much. Many used to ask me isnt it a jail? We used to have loads of fun.
Missing school life :(

kavity said...

@archu: such profound discussion with people like you help me fill in quite a lot of posts ;)

@varun: ille da, naan romba busya irukkum bodhu kooda oru diversion kaaga blog panren ippolaam

@anita: yeah true, i too miss school life in many ways!