Friday, May 30, 2008

Little Heart

A friend of mine once said, "It is toughest to know that a person is dying and be next to them and see them dying". I told him then, "Do you really think so? It is equally tough when you do not know."
Death is a humbling experience. It shows us how little control we have over the next second of our life. Money can do little much to control our lifespan, really.
Everyday, there occur a number of unexpected deaths, of middle aged and young men and women, leaving behind a lifelong gaping hole in the hearts of their near and dear. And in this same world do exist an almost equal number of people burdened by infirmity and deadly diseases with no return from the path to death, waiting and abiding their time, suffering excruciating pain. It is then that I wonder how incapable a being the human form is, how very incapable in front of God and Nature. We cannot control when we can die; rather, we can just wait and bide our time, meanwhile trying to make our existence as meaningful as possible for ourselves and others around us.

P.S. : The title of this blog was taken from the bed sheet that covers my grandmother's bed.

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